American Ally Saudi Arabia Plots To Have ISIS Launch Attack On Civilians?

Late yesterday, a group from the hacktivist collective Anonymous, calling itself the Yemen Cyber Army, posted what appears to be internal Saudi Arabian government documents. The resulting document dump, spread over several files and mirrored worldwide, includes Telex scans, emails, satellite communications, even account passwords. The emails released thus far do not include anyone higher up in the government, mainly consisting of various ambassadorial staff, computer network technicians and the like. Within the documents released so far, with promises of more to come, we can find some strong implications, which when combined with Anonymous’ own statement, filled with subtle hints, may tell us of a Saudi Arabian plan to take over Islam itself.

What was released range in scope from flight arrangements, meetings with minsters from Belarus, a congratulatory message from South Korea, computer network alerts, to an arms shipment from Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi, etc. Routine, but high-level access material. In the emails, we find references to external files not included, with little information as to what might be within. The entire dump, ranging from wiring diagrams of security systems to server encryption keys, implies the hack is a major operation. But, beyond the direct data included, the implications given by the Anonymous message itself once cross referenced with the released files may be the most chilling.

At several points in the announcement message from Anonymous, we find key references to figures of Islamic history, ones which are very specific in implicating the state, with the key one being:

What you and your puppets commit in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq and Lebanon, remind us of crimes your forefather Yazid-ibn-Muawiya committed in Karbala. And indeed you are good successors to him. You are ISIS and ISIS is you.

Yazid ibn Muawiya is a figure damned in Islamic history, not one used lightly. As the second ruler of the Umayyad Caliphate, he executed the grandson of the profit Mohammad, Husayn ibn Ali, during or in the immediate aftermath of the battle of Karbala. In the wake of that, Yazid slaughtered and raped the citizens of Medina within the tomb of the Prophet Mohammad himself, and used siege warfare against the city of Mecca, resulting in the firebombing of the Kaaba shrine. The reference to him is also to reference the Saudi government’s plans to destroy most of the Islamic holy sites. This plan has already resulted in the destruction of the dome over the house where Mohammad was born.

But the implications of it, and the files, becomes more interesting with the mentioning of ISIS. It appears that ISIS’ destruction of Jonah’s tomb last year may have given the state ideas. Only a few years ago, the Saudi government wished to bulldoze the tomb of Mohammad, the very same tomb within which Yazid’s forces slaughtered and raped the citizens of Medina. This plan prompted a very loud and negative reaction, as one might expect. Some of the language in the message and in the files could indicate that Saudi Arabia may attempt to to entice or implicate ISIS into carrying out its dirty work for it, perhaps through lax security and inviting speakers whom ISIS considers heretical. We would, as implied, expect an attack to result in the tomb being perhaps ruled as “structurally unsound,” leveled by the state with the body of the Prophet dumped in the desert and forgotten. Saudi Arabia gets its Las Vegas style hotels, and ISIS takes the blame.

Indeed, ISIS engaged in such an attack against the Iman Ali Mosque in Qatif, named after Mohammad’s Son-in-Law, who succeeded him as the leader of Islam, as well as the father of Husayn ibn Ali, the same man killed by Yazif mentioned earlier, just this morning. Just enough plausible deniability for the House of Saud to avoid the outrage, while they can fulfill their plans to dismantle or destroy the history of Islam itself, and replace it with their own. They are doing this by supporting extremist groups like ISIS without directly giving orders to them. By giving just enough push, and opening up the right opportunities, they get these groups to do their dirty work for them. Even without direct coordination, the right money to the right hands, the right messages pointed at the right subjects, and ISIS becomes a willing ally of the Saudi state without ever announcing it.

Saudi support led to the instability in Syria and Iraq, and now is bordering on action in Jordan. Now the Saudi plan to arm themselves with nuclear weapons might be as much a protective measure against the fallout of these schemes as anything else.

To further give hints as to what else to expect within the remaining documents, the hackers used a verse from the Quoran, specifically the 41st verse of sūrat l-ʿankabūt Chapter (29):

“Truly the flimsiest of houses is the spider’s house.”

The nickname for the former head of the Saudi National Security Council, ambassador to the US and director of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, Prince Bandar bin Sultan is known as “The Saudi Spider” for the web he wove across the middle east. He was removed earlier this year by King Salman, but the decades of influence and power he has wielded has brought the nation to what it is today. The reference to this decades-long career is meant to give insight as to the scope and timetable of the information Anonymous has collected. In short, it is telling Saudi Arabia that they’ve secured decades of material, tied to their spymaster, and are ready to release it.

The documents, while not a smoking gun by themselves, give enough information to imply what else there is lurking, awaiting release, and enough critical information to validate that the information is true, and very high-level. If it is revealed that the implications put forth here are true, the entire region may become engulfed in a war the likes of which we’ve never seen.

This could, of course, all be a bluff by Anonymous. They may have no more documents, or the most incriminating were already included, with little concrete evidence and a lot of innuendo. They may be engaging in conspiracy theories based on the leaping to conclusions based on what they have. Some documents may be a plant, falsely included with the express purpose of deception against the enemies of Saudi Arabia. At this point, we find ourselves faced more with questions than answers, with only time to help us sift through them.

Many unanswered questions remain, but if what has been suggested by Anonymous holds true, Saudi Arabia may find itself listed as the enemy of Islam.

Featured image via Anonymous