Conservatives Falling All Over Themselves To Defend Kid-Toucher Josh Duggar Because He’s Better Than LIBERALS, D*mmit (SCREENSHOTS)

One would assume that Josh Duggar did nothing worse than shake hands with his sisters and other children while they were sleeping, if he or she were to read the comment section of The Blaze. Sure, the Right rushed to condemn Lena Dunham (rightfully) after she confessed to molesting her sister, but Duggar is a right-wing hero. As a man of God, Duggar’s past liberties with children are a mere “mistake” of his past. Besides, he says God has forgiven him.

Duggar has resigned his position at anti-gay hate group, the Family Research Council, after the news that his family has been covering up his “bad mistakes” from a “dark time” in his “childhood” — inappropriately touching children while they were sleeping when he was in his mid-teens — because he “believes that the situation will make it difficult for him to be effective in his current work.” It is, after all, difficult to argue that the LGBT community places children at risk when you have a history of molesting children.

Duggar, who has been (and continues to be) a hero to the GOP for his work in furthering anti-LGBT hatred and discrimination was never prosecuted for his crimes. Instead, his parents sent him to be counseled by a family friend — one who is currently serving more than 50 years in prison for the possession of child pornography — who gave him a “very stern talk” about his horrific child abusing ways.

It might be a safe assumption that even conservatives would be sensible enough to condemn Duggar, but that assumption would not take into account the all-absolving power of a claim that God has forgiven you.

“I sought forgiveness from those I had wronged and asked Christ to forgive me and come into my life. In my life today, I am so very thankful for God’s grace, mercy and redemption,” Duggar said of his actions — and that was absolutely good enough for the Right. After all, at least he’s not a liberal.

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5-22-2015 11-44-34 AM 5-22-2015 11-41-25 AM 5-22-2015 11-40-31 AM 5-22-2015 11-38-36 AM 5-22-2015 11-37-10 AM 5-22-2015 11-36-01 AM 5-22-2015 11-35-30 AM 5-22-2015 11-35-16 AM 5-22-2015 11-34-58 AMWhile one might expect Duggar’s Republican friends to abandon him, that is not happening either. 2016 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee spoke out in support of the embattled child-toucher on Friday.

“Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he described them himself, ‘inexcusable,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘unforgivable.’ He and his family dealt with it and were honest and open about it with the victims and the authorities,” Huckabee wrote in a Facebook post. “No purpose whatsoever is served by those who are now trying to discredit Josh or his family by sensationalizing the story. Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things.”

Unfortunately for Huckabee and his fellow conservatives, there is no such thing as “sensationalizing” child abuse. Pointing out Duggar’s horrific crimes is not an “attack” on Christians — it’s verifiable fact. Perhaps the most sickening thing about all this is that pedophiles are perfectly fine with the Right — as long as they aren’t gay, because that would be an unforgivable sin.