Duggar Family Mentor Resigns From Right Wing Religious Organization Amid Sex Scandal

The revelation that Josh Duggar is a child molester is currently blowing up the internet. Even worse, is the fact that his family concealed that fact, and all the while, Duggar has been rubbing elbows with a bunch of the GOP’s prized crop of 2016 presidential hopefuls. All in all, it’s not a good day for the sex-obsessed, woman-controlling, gay-hating “family values” crowd.

Well, guess what? Things are about to get even worse in that crazy corner of America, as Bill Gothard, a mentor to the Duggar family, has resigned from the Christian homeschooling organization he ran amid accusations of his sexually harassing more than 35 women and teenage girls. According to Radar Online, the 79-year-old Gothard is the founder of Institutes of Basic Life Principles, which the Duggar family supported and frequented. Of course, the good Christian responded the allegations in the only way such people know how to do: by quoting the Bible, saying that he wishes to “listen to those who made accusations against him.”

David Waller, administrative director of the Advanced Training Institute, who oversees families who attend the ministry, released the following statement addressing the allegations against Gothard and addressing his resignation:

“To give his full attention to this objective, Mr. Gothard has resigned as president of the Institutes in Basic Life Principles, its Board of Directors, and its affiliated entities.”

So, in other words, just another generic email that subtly suggests that the scandal has to blow over before the old geezer can come back, but he didn’t do anything wrong. This is how these conservative “family values” hypocrites circle the wagons and pretend that nothing is wrong. But, anyone with eyes and who isn’t a part of one of these conservative Christian cults that excuses every wrong their members commit, no matter how heinous, knows that there is a pattern of creepy, abusive, perverted criminal behavior within this culture.

The story about the accusations against Gothard became public when a young woman, only identified as Lizzie, wrote a letter describing her experience at Gothard’s organization and said she was subjected to “unwanted and unwarranted emotional and physical attention from a man in a position of authority to young women who could not refuse it.” Sounds like sexual harassment to me, definitely. When this letter from “Lizzie” became public in 2012, it seemed the organization took the situation with Gothard a lot more seriously than they are now, as this statement was released:

“We have had men and women who served in the [Institute in Basic Life Principles] leadership confirm that the allegations are true, although they felt (and often were) powerless to do anything at the time. In fact, we have learned that the IBLP Board of Directors has on more than one occasion addressed this behavior with Bill Gothard, but to no lasting avail.”

“Whereas Bill Gothard has exhibited a 40-year pattern of moral failure, abuse of spiritual authority, and mishandling of Scripture, and is therefore disqualified from Christian ministry, according to Titus 1 and I Timothy 3, we believe that the only biblical course of action is for Bill Gothard to step down from all ministry and leadership positions, publicly repent of the above sins, and exhibit fruit in keeping with repentance (Matt. 3:8).”

Well, the statement from the email from David Waller paints a very different picture of what is being done today, but, at least he has stepped down and has no more access to other people to harass and abuse.

At any rate, the links between the Duggars with their child molestation cover-up and this Gothard guy who runs a creepy Christian homeschooling organization is undeniable; in fact, Jinger Duggar actually quoted part of Gothard’s organization’s theme song in the book The Duggars: 20 and Counting!. I wonder if they’ve all been helping cover for each other all these years? If so, how many kids have been sexually harassed or molested behind the very thick, insulated, and solid walls of this Christian cult?

I hope Josh Duggar, Bill Gothard, and anyone else involved in any of these abusive acts and their cover-ups go down for a long, long time. They belong just where Jim Hutchens, the family friend and State Trooper who didn’t take legal action against Josh Duggar when he found out about the molestation is- serving 56 years in prison for child pornography. I’d be willing to bet that there’s plenty of that to go around in these cases as well, along with all the sexual harassment and child molestation.

Featured image via starcasm.net