Arkansas Police Destroy Josh Duggar’s Record After Mike Huckabee-Appointed Judge Orders It

One day before Mike Huckabee defended child molester Josh Duggar on Facebook, a judge he appointed while Governor of Arkansas ordered police to destroy the record. Isn’t that just convenient?

Duggar, who starred with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle along with the rest of his family on the defunct TLC show “19 Kids and Counting,” admitted that he molested his sisters when he was a teenager. But instead of turning their son into authorities, Jim Bob and Michelle covered up his crimes, resulting in Josh Duggar escaping prosecution because the statute of limitations ran out by 2006.

Police have held onto the record ever since, but Juvenile Judge Stacy Zimmerman ordered the record destroyed immediately, which is uncommon.

According to the Associated Press,

Springdale police spokesman Scott Lewis said Judge Stacey Zimmerman ordered the 2006 offense report destroyed Thursday. Zimmerman didn’t return a request for comment on Friday.

“The judge ordered us yesterday to expunge that record,” Lewis said, adding that similar records are typically kept indefinitely. “As far as the Springdale Police Department is concerned, this report doesn’t exist.”

So Josh Duggar is getting special treatment from an Arkansas judge who is connected to Mike Huckabee who in turn is a close friend of the Duggar family.

Huckabee even referenced the judge’s order in his Facebook post yesterday.

“Those who have enjoyed revealing this long ago sins in order to discredit the Duggar family have actually revealed their own insensitive bloodthirst, for there was no consideration of the fact that the victims wanted this to be left in the past and ultimately a judge had the information on file destroyed—not to protect Josh, but the innocent victims.”

Huckabee’s staunch defense of Josh Duggar stands in stark contrast to the way he talked about director Roman Polanski in a 2009 op-ed for Fox News.

“Having different views is a good thing. But having different standards is not,” Huckabee wrote. If something is right, it’s right. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Diversity is a good thing; duplicity is not.”

“Having different rules based on a person’s gender, ethnicity, religion or political party creates cynicism and distrust and precludes problem solving because it prohibits the trust necessary to work toward a solution.”

Huckabee then launched an attack on Polanski for escaping punishment for raping a child in 1977 and ranted about David Letterman having an affair with a staffer.

“Some things are either right or wrong. It doesn’t matter who does them. When Hollywood hero Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl and then fled the country instead of facing the consequences of his own guilty plea, there should be no defense of him from anyone. What he did was evil and reprehensible. The fact that he is a great director doesn’t obscure the fact that he robbed a child of far more than Bernie Madoff stole from his victims.

What has our culture become when people can commit despicable criminal acts and yet get defended and excused because they are celebrities. If David Letterman takes advantage of subordinates who work for him, then it’s not funny, it’s pathetic and immoral. The audience shouldn’t laugh and applaud; they ought to walk out in disgust. And instead of actors and even governments seeking the release of Roman Polanski, they should be screaming for justice.”

But now Huckabee is clearly committing hypocrisy by defending Josh Duggar, who committed “evil and reprehensible” acts of child molestation of his own. Yet Huckabee rushed to support Duggar anyway, even though he once called for such criminals to face the consequences for their crimes “no matter who does them.”

This should forever disqualify Huckabee from running for public office and he should lose the Republican presidential primary by a landslide. And you know who else is running in an election? The judge who apparently did Huckabee and the Duggar family that big favor. Yeah, that election is on May 20. Arkansas voters should take note and kick her off the bench.

Conservative “Christians” and Mike Huckabee are doing everything they can to make this scandal go away, even going so far as to excuse child molestation. And they are all sick hypocritical monsters just like Josh Duggar and his parents.

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