Get Over It, You Lost: Regressives Outraged At Confederate Flag Burning Events

Last time I checked, the Civil War ended a century and a half ago, and the score was Union 1 – Confederacy 0. Since then, southern conservatives have tried to hold onto the confederate flag, using it as some kind of reminder of their “culture and heritage.”

The culture was a conglomeration of traitorous secessionists, and the heritage was racism, slavery and hate. To their credit, southerners do have a reputation for extreme politeness and great lemonade.

For most Americans, including southern liberals, the confederate flag still stands for the hatred and terrorism inflicted on an entire race of people; a practice that still has strong roots there today. It has no place in American culture, as it serves as a reminder of a time when our country was ripped in two. The outrageous loss of life as Americans battled Americans is still painful to think about, even though the last of the soldiers who fought in that war are long since gone.

For one Florida man, the stigma of the confederate flag and what it stands for has sparked an artistic interpretation that has southern conservatives outraged: The ceremonious burning of their hallowed symbol of intolerance.

John Sims, a conceptual artist from Sarasota, has organized Memorial Day events across 13 states where the confederate flag will be burned and then buried in mock funerals meant to inspire reflection on what Sims calls “the complex nature of the Confederate flag as a lasting symbol of terror.”

The events are organized for the 11 states that seceded from the Union along with Kentucky and Missouri.

A group called the Sons of Confederate Veterans is upset with Sims and his funerals. A spokesman told the Wall Street Journal:

“This is not only terribly offensive, but astonishingly idiotic. This sort of thing merely inflames old divisions. For every flag he burns and buries, we will put 10 more up.”

Old divisions? Those divisions were settled when President Abraham Lincoln granted clemency to all who fought for the south and rejoined their states with the Union. Those divisions stopped being about north versus south and became nothing but a racial divide when Jefferson Davis surrendered his “presidency.”

The burning of a confederate flag isn’t the burning of Old Glory; the Star Spangled Banner is still and always will be the official flag of the United States of America. Burning a confederate flag is the equivalent of burning a T-shirt with a swastika on it or a white hood with eye holes cut out of it.

The confederate flag has no protection as a symbol of anything, and those who hold onto it as some sort of revered symbol of their heritage need to replace it with the Stars and Stripes and get over it.

The south will NOT be rising again.

Featured Image via screen capture from YouTube