Watch Dreamer Activist Pin Ann Coulter To The Wall, Proving She Has No Humanity Left (VIDEO)

When it comes to immigration, Ann Coulter’s proven once again how RAD she can be.

While she may not be riding a skateboard or surfing the waves, she does seem to have problems giving and receiving love. And apparently she has problems with people touching her, as well. Just ask Dreamer Gaby Pacheco, who was denied a simple hug from the surly-as-always Coulter, which she requested during a Q&A Tuesday after an interview pumping Coulter’s latest book.

Pacheco, an illegal U.S. immigrant and activist, herself, asked Coulter:

“Can I give you a hug?”

Coulter played off the question as a frivolous, rhetorical request of sorts, making an excuse about being ill. Coughing, she replied:

“I wouldn’t today. I’m recovering from the worst flu I’ve ever had.”

While not exactly an outright, “No,” Coulter certainly did her best to avoid having to make contact with Pacheco, which is both interesting and telling. To Coulter, Pacheco represents entirely what Coulter stands against – the “vermin” she’d just as well kick back over the border by any means necessary and to hell with them, too, the moochers, yadda, yadda, yadda… To hug Pacheco would damage Coulter’s brand. In some regards, it would damage her credibility with her audience and she knows that. Yet she, perhaps, doesn’t wish to appear entirely devoid of humanity, so she tersely, coldly plays it off on an illness.

But not entirely saying no, Pacheco respectfully pushes the issue again, stating:

“It’s okay. This undocumented immigrant who has lived in this nation for almost 22 years wants to, as a sign of my humanity and yours, recognize you and say, ‘Can I give you a hug?’”

The move is entirely on point and a wonderful strategic move by Pacheco, as it both is exactly what she says it is, “recognizing their humanity,” but it is also a check mate of sorts in which Coulter is forced to either bow down against her brand of loathsome jingoistic bigotry and hug Pacheco like most any person with an ounce of humanity would do, or whether she would outright refuse Pacheco and thereby underline the absurdity of conservatives’ inhumane notions (and agenda) regarding immigrants.

After all, two parties can debate an issue from opposing views infinitely, but there is no reason whatsoever the two parties should not be able to recognize each other’s humanity and extend a hug or handshake.

But Coulter flatly responded to Pacheco’s second request:

“No, let’s get on with the question.”

Coulter can’t hug Pacheco because of the mountain of garbage she continually amasses around herself every time she opens her mouth, including on subjects such as immigration, and Pacheco knows that. She got exactly what she sought and expected from Coulter, and Coulter delivered as everyone knows and expects Coulter will. She’s as predictable as a four-card memory game, which is why she speaks so outlandishly. How else are you going to compete with Bill O’Reilly, anyway?

This is the woman who believes immigrants pose a greater threat to America than ISIS, remember. She’s hopeless. If Coulter indeed possessed a humane bone in her body and had even a smidgeon of complexity to her she would have hugged Pacheco heartily and kissed her on the cheek, even. How could her position on immigration be pinned down so easily if Coulter simply would recognize Pacheco and other immigrants’ humanity, but simply also acknowledge that there are channels for becoming a citizen legally?

But she doesn’t, because she can’t, because she’s vomited so much heinous garbage about immigrants and immigration that she can’t even recognize their humanity. That’s how far she’s pushed her crazy fringe talk into the mainstream forum. She talks of them like soldiers speak of the enemy, as less than human, as vermin, as something that needs to be eradicated, and that is the most vile aspect of Coulter and what she stands for, overall. It’s what makes you shake your head and say, “Ugh,” whenever you see her face or hear her voice.

But other than for strategic purpose as Pacheco has done, we should not seek humanity from those unable to give it. Coulter is no longer a person, she’s a product – a brand — and products don’t feel. She’s left her humanity behind. She only knows how to sell her brand of hate and privilege, and she can never break character, certainly not to hug a Dreamer, or she risks losing everything.

Nope, there’s nothing whatsoever that could have gotten Coulter to hug Pacheco and both of them knew it. Pacheco had Coulter exactly where she wanted her and there was no escaping it passively, which is why Coulter had to straight up say, “No,” the second time. She knew Pacheco had her at check mate and that she’d lost that match, so there was especially no reason to make the matter worse for herself and actually hug Pacheco. Imagine that photo op, right?

Kudos to Pacheco for having the smarts, courage and solid composure to face one of the ugliest heads of the conservative media hydra, and to walk away having successfully made her point while maintaining such a high level of dignity. America would be far better served with many more Pachecos than Coulters, without a doubt.

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