Kansas Councilman Screams ‘Black N*gger B*tch — Go Back To Baltimore’ At Teen Girl (VIDEO)

A road rage incident where young 17-year-old Kali Chatmon nearly collided with Edwardsville, Kansas, City Councilman Chuck Stites has a community beyond upset. Not because of the near-accident, but what was said by the Councilman to the young girl after she began to apologize.

Chatmon explained to WDAF:

“He had on his signal like he was going to turn right to where I was, so I proceeded to take my right and we almost collided because he continued to go straight.”

Feeling bad about almost hitting his car, she apologized, but then Stites went off on Chatmon in the most horrendously racist way possible. He proceeded to then roll down his window, calling her a “Black n*gger b*tch,” and told her that she should “go back to Baltimore.”

After the incident, Chatmon told her parents what happened and everyone was extremely upset, but it wasn’t until the family later realized that the man who was raging at her was none other than a city councilman that they became livid.

Chatmon’s family, as well as the community and the Bonner Springs NAACP chapter, is calling for Stites to resign. They don’t want an obvious racist to sit on the city council, a council that is supposed to represent the will of the people.

Of course, Stites is trying to side-step the whole issue and told KSHB:

“There’s an ongoing investigation… It’s a misunderstanding. There’s a lot more to this story than is being told, and I think it would probably be inappropriate for me to comment much more until that investigation is complete… I’m okay with somebody voicing their opinion. That’s their right, and that doesn’t bother me at all. I have no intention of stepping down.”

Yeah, I’m sure there’s a lot more to this story that’s not being told. Mmhmm. You can tell by how he doesn’t deny that he said those things. Which, if he hadn’t, he would. It’s easy to just say there’s an ongoing investigation when you don’t want to own up to calling a 17-year-old girl a “black n*gger b*tch.”

Stites needs to own what he said, and realize that he is a public servant who has done an egregious thing. He needs to apologize, and he needs to step down. He should also take a driving course that will remind him to turn off his turn signal, and perhaps some anger management classes.

Here is coverage of the story via WDAF:

Featured image via Fox4KC/KSHB