18 Advertisers And Counting Have Pulled Commercials From Duggar Show On TLC

Companies are running away as fast as they can from 19 Kids and Counting, as 18 of them have now pulled advertising from the TLC program.

Last week, it was revealed that Josh Duggar had molested his sisters while they were sleeping when he was a teenager, and that his parents covered up his crimes to help him avoid prosecution.

Since then, the social media firestorm and traditional media scrutiny has been intense, especially over the hypocrisy the Duggars have repeatedly shown.

For instance, the Duggars have repeatedly claimed that gay people are a danger toward children even as a conservative “Christian” heterosexual child predator lived among them. And it has been revealed that Jim Bob Duggar once called for those who commit incest to be executed, yet he clearly made an exception for his son, proving that while conservative “Christians” want to force a strict moral code on the rest of us, they have different rules for themselves.

The outrage, of course, led to demands that TLC cancel 19 Kids and Counting, which has been yanked off the air. And the exodus of advertisers has also begun thanks to customer pressure.

So far, 18 advertisers and counting have pulled commercials from the program in the wake of the Duggar child molestation scandal.

General Mills was the first to break up with the Duggar clan as TMZ reported last week when news broke of TLC’s decision to take the show off the schedule. However, TLC has not canceled the show outright, and more advertisers are bailing as a result.

This includes Payless, Choice Hotels, ConAgra Foods, Behr Paint, ACE Hardware, H&R Block, CVS, Party City, Keurig, Walgreens, Sherwin Williams, Jimmy Dean, Pure Leaf, Allstate Insurance, Ricola, HauteLook, and King’s Hawaiian.

The list will likely continue to grow as advertisers choose to please the majority of their consumer base instead of the minority of child molester defenders who are still fans of the show.

Still, many companies appear to be willing to continue supporting a show about a family that condones and covers up child molestation. These companies include Crayola, Minute Maid, Arm & Hammer, Listerine, Oscar Mayer, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Firehouse Subs, Pizza Hut, and Lowes.

And considering the fact that some of these companies cater to children, they should really run away screaming from TLC, which has a creepy history of airing reality shows that end up with a child molestation scandal.

Seriously, does TLC not vet any of the people they want to put on television?

Nevertheless, as long as advertisers continue to pull ads from the show, TLC will be forced to cancel it because it can’t be a profitable show without advertising dollars. That’s why public pressure needs to be applied to companies that have not done the right thing.

Featured Image via Duggar Family Blog