Can We Talk About The Fact That One Of Josh Duggar’s Victims Was 5-Years-Old MAX?

There’s one detail in the tragic circumstances surrounding Josh Duggar that seems to have slipped by the majority of America.

The right-wing anti-gay hero has maintained strong support from conservatives in light of news that he molested four of his sisters and one other unnamed victim between the years of 2002 and 2003. Jim Bob Duggar learned of the abuse in 2002 when a minor told him that Josh had fondled her while she was sleeping.

Instead of reporting the abuse, Duggar concealed his son’s offenses for about a year, when Josh was again caught with his hand in places it should not have been. In March of 2003, Josh was accused of fondling “several” minors, “often when they slept, but at times when they were awake.”

Instead of reporting the abuse through official channels Jim Bob, who once ran for Senate on a platform that called for the executions of rapists and those who indulge in incest, lied to a friend who was a state trooper. Jim-Bob and Josh told Joseph Hutchens that the abuse occurred once, through the clothing, leading Hutchens to give the younger Duggar a “stern talk” rather than report the incident through official channels.

Hutchens is currently serving a 56-year prison sentence for possession and distribution of child pornography.

Josh Duggar also briefly underwent counseling at a center founded by Bill Gothard, who ultimately resigned his position after it was revealed he was sexually grooming teenagers and young women. Gothard’s doctrine teaches that victims are often to blame because of immodest dress and “having evil friends.” Abusers learn that they are not truly at fault for their own actions if they tell God they are sorry hard enough.

In 2007, Josh Duggar sued the Arkansas Department of Human Services9 months after a planned Oprah appearance led to an investigation into his crimes. An unnamed source tells In Touch that it was likely Josh “appealed the DHS decision or finding from their investigation.”

“Josh would be considered an in-home offender, giving DHS the authority to do an investigation,” the source said. “As part of your appeal rights you can request a DHS hearing to challenge what they found and their ruling.”

Those who remain Duggar cheerleaders focus on their misguided and rather stupid belief that Josh, who was 14-years-old when he began abusing children, was somehow incapable of knowing that sexually abusing children is wrong.

Supporters have claimed that Josh was just “playing doctor,” or that Jesus’ all-absolving rays of forgiveness somehow erased the fact that he sexually abused children, or that liberals are “attacking” the family of good Christians over “childhood mistakes.” One relative even claimed that anyone would molest a child if they could get away with it.

But have any of those supporters considered that one of his victims was, at the absolute oldest, five years old?

Arkansas Online notes:

A Washington County Juvenile Court judge ordered the report destroyed on Thursday, saying one of the victims is still a minor and that the child’s identity might be revealed. The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette obtained the report before it was ordered destroyed.

Let’s assume that the unnamed victim is 17-years-old today — though she may be younger. No matter when the abuse occurred, the girl could not have been any older than five.

It is currently 2015, and we know that one victim is still a minor. If the abuse occurred in 2003, Josh would have been 15, and she 5 at the maximum. If she was the victim in 2002, she would be 4 at most, and Josh 14.

2015 – 2003 = 12 years. 17-12 = 5 years old if she is currently 17.

2015 – 2002 = 13 years. 17-13 = 4 years old, once againif she is currently 17.

As I have previously mentioned, 1 in 5 girls are victims of sexual abuse, though that number leaps to 1 in 2.25 in the Duggar household during the years in which Josh was growing up — thanks solely to him! [Josh grew up with 9 sisters, and molested 4 of them.]

The Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence  notes very high recidivism rates among child molesters. The Leadership Council points out that “follow-up studies typically find sexual recidivism rates of 10%-15% after five years, 20% after 10 years, and 30%-40% after 20 years,” but adds that “these numbers are conservative because not all offences are detected.” A review by the American Psychological Association found that  “the research demonstrates that even sexual offenses against children that occurred long ago evince a continuing risk of recidivism by the offender.”

In other words, at minimum, Josh Duggar has a 20% chance of reoffending — minimum, a risk that grows each year he lives. His daughter Mackynzie Renée is currently 5-years-old, the same age as the maximum age of his youngest prior victim.

There is absolutely no way a reasonable person can rationalize around a teenager sexually assaulting a 5-year-old (or even younger) child. None.

Yet this is what is happening, anyway.

Featured Image via The Epoch Times