Remember When Hastert Got That Creepy Phone Call On CSPAN? (VIDEO)

With the revelation that former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was involved in a multi-million dollar cover up of his ‘youthful indiscretions,’ certain odd events over the years have started to come into focus. One of the most unusual was this CSPAN call from last November, where he got a call from “Bruce” in Yorkville, Illinois.

Pretty good. Remember me from Yorkville?

It is known that Yorkville is where the former Speaker once taught high school, and where the claimed misconduct had occurred. What is known is that the former Speaker had been paying someone $50,000 every six weeks “to keep a person from the town where he was a longtime high school teacher silent about prior misconduct” according to Yahoo news.

Now with these odd elements being noticed in his history, one starts to wonder what form of indiscretion this was, and the possibilities are not good. For one, that Hastert was making the payout in what would be considered blackmail in almost any case, but that he was indicted and not his blackmailer, tells us that the event he was covering up was itself far more serious than the extortion itself.

With the re-emergence of the CSPAN video, one can wonder if “Bruce” was using the medium to taunt the former Speaker. Calling Speaker Hastert “Denny” shows a level of familiarity not common even among communities. Indeed, the look on his face could be considered petrified, or confused. We simply do not know. The entire situation involving the former Speaker is becoming a bit of a mystery. While some are quick to point at something sexual, perhaps a romance with a male student, there are numerous other possibilities which may be possible.

At this time, we simply do not know what happened, who this “Bruce” is, or how he ties into Speaker Hastert’s indictment. What is known is that the former Speaker withdrew a significant sum from his bank accounts, carefully designed to hide what he was doing, in order to pay off his blackmailer. The banks did note what he was doing, and notified the authorities as appropriate. But this mystery is casting a shadow not only over the former Speaker, but the entire Republican house caucus, for this is another leader of theirs to be indicted. Either they need to pick better leaders, or the party itself is corrupt and no longer has any place in this Federal Republic.

Cover Photo CC by Doug Bowman