Man Sues Dept. Of Education For Teaching Evolution To Aspiring Veterinarian Daughter

Just to prove that the supposed “war against Christianity” could not get more pathetic, there is a man in West Virginia who is reportedly suing the Department of Education for teaching evolution in school. Kenneth Smith is outraged that the school his daughter attends requires students to learn about evolution, which he says infringes on her religious liberty and prevents her from becoming a veterinarian.

The Charleston Daily Mail reports:

A parent of a Jefferson County student has filed a federal lawsuit against local, state, and federal education officials claiming the teaching of evolution, which he says is a religion, violates his child’s Constitutional rights.

Kenneth Smith, who is representing himself, filed the four-page federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia against the Jefferson County Board of Education, state Superintendent Michael Martirano, National Institute of Health director Francis Collins, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the U.S. Department of Education.

Smith is the author of the book, The True Origins of Man, a book that apparently, “represents the truth of man’s origins confirmed by D.N.A. mathematical and scientific facts.” There is a decent list of funny reviews growing on the book’s Amazon page. The book cover starts at racist and probably goes downhill from there.

The National Center for Science Education, a group dedicated towards protecting the teaching of evolution and climate change, pointed out multiple court decisions that go against Smith’s argument. For example, the 1982 McLean v. Arkansas case came to the opinion that “it is clearly established in the case law, and perhaps also in common sense, that evolution is not a religion and that teaching evolution does not violate the Establishment Clause”.

This is just one more example of the radical Christian’s trying to make themselves into victims, due to a lack of actual oppression for them to fight against. In doing so, they can also avoid looking at the harm that they themselves are causing. This type of nonsense is part of the reason we have politicians throwing snowballs on the Senate floor trying to disprove climate change.

As ridiculous as Smith’s lawsuit is, there is huge movement of people out there actively trying to destroy American science education for the betterment of corporations or right wing politicians who do their bidding. Trends have shown that those who do not have a college education have a much greater probability of voting for Republican candidates. Those who do not have a college degree also are far more likely to believe in creationism. So if you have ever asked why yourself why working class people vote for Republican candidates even though it’s agains their own interests, this might just be your answer.

Featured Image Credit: Amy Watts via Flickr