U.N. To Work On Climate Change Deal That Bypasses U.S. Congress, Due To GOP Extremism

The French foreign minister says that any climate change deal reached at the U.N. climate summit in December has to be worded in such a way that it doesn’t require the approval of the U.S. Congress. The Guardian caught wind of this, and says that Laurent Fabius is worried that our current political issues will hamper, or stall, any agreement on combating climate change they reach.

According to The Guardian, Fabius said, point-blank, to African delegates:

“[W]e know the politics in the US. Whether we like it or not, if it comes to the Congress, they will refuse.”

With Republicans in charge, yes. Yes they would. This is a Congress that’s run on the idea that scientific truth is subject to a vote, because we have biblical truth to contend with, too. This is a Congress that puts idiots like James Inhofe, a.k.a. Senator Snowball, in charge of the Senate Environmental Committee. He threw a snowball across the Senate floor as “proof” that climate change is not happening.

These are the people who insist the U.N.’s agreement on illegal arms dealing will create a national registry of U.S. gun owners, and allow the U.N. to come into our country and take away all our guns. And these are the people who are trying to derail the U.N.’s negotiations with Iran by saying that any agreement reached must have Congressional approval. The whole world was watching when Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) and 46 other U.S. Senators sent a letter to Iran saying that we were capable of nullifying an international agreement with the stroke of a pen.

The Guardian reports that, in order to create an agreement that would legally bypass Congressional authority, some elements can’t be in it, like legally binding limits on emissions. Some experts are saying it’s a good thing that Fabius is raising the legal issue now, instead of during the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris, which is set to happen in December of this year.

But some governments still want to push for legally binding limits on certain things, even though something like that must go through our Congress, says The Guardian. Those governments include the European Union, and smaller island nations that are threatened by rising sea levels.

It is really telling that foreign diplomats feel they have to word agreements in such a way that it can bypass our Congress, and still bind us to the most important parts of the agreement. It’s also really sad. We aren’t just a laughingstock. We’re far worse, and it’s because of conservative Republicans; not Democrats, and not Obama, as the GOP likes to claim.

Featured image by Alfred Palmer. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons