Tragic: 47 Percent Of Americans Don’t Have Just $400 Available For Emergencies (VIDEO)

If you are one of the people who exposes themselves to the barrage of misinformation on Fox News, you might believe that there are no truly poor people in the United States.

Here’s some of their propaganda:

Let’s for a moment forget (because Fox News certainly does) that these numbers apply to people who have homes – and that more than 600,000 Americans are without homes altogether – and most homes by law have to have refrigerators. Many rentals simply come with air conditioning. Microwaves, cell phones, and computers have become necessities of modern life, as have cars in most places.

Here’s something Fox News won’t tell you: 47 percent of Americans – nearly half – have no economic cushion. If their car breaks down, there’s no money to fix it unless they borrow from family or sell something – if that’s even an option. If an unexpected medical emergency comes up, no money to pay for it, even if that emergency costs only $400.

Even for many who said they could handle the emergency, they would have to use credit cards, which is another problem facing poor and middle class Americans.

As much as Fox News would like you to believe otherwise, Americans are not whiners. Sixty-five┬ápercent of the respondents to the Federal Reserve questionnaire said that they are “doing okay” or “living comfortably.”

While it is true that in many cases America’s poor have material goods that many poor throughout the world do not have, it’s also true that America’s poor have one additional thing: negative wealth.

To be poor in America means things cost more. Credit isn’t impossible to get – in fact, it’s relatively easy – but it’s very expensive.

(A) study, based on a survey of more than 100 low-income individuals, found that most of the debts resulted from stretches of unemployment, medical costs, and student loans. The study also found that poor people are often overwhelmed by high interest rates that make it nearly impossible to pay down debts, then penalized again when prospective employers or landlords conduct credit checks before hiring or renting to them.

Source: Boston Globe

Aside from having to pull themselves out of debt, people with bad credit, which can include too much debt, are often denied jobs, making the cycle of poverty even more pernicious.

Of course, none of that matters to Fox News pundits or viewers. They are somehow more comfortable with the idea that the super wealthy have billion dollar tax-free yachts than the idea that a poor person has a $50 microwave. Without the poor, after all, how would multi-billionaires like the Waltons of Wal-Mart stay multi-billionaires?

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