Here’s A State-By-State Breakdown Of The Gender Pay Gap (VIDEO)

Across the United States, for every dollar a man makes, women still earn just 77 cents. That’s bad enough, but a state-by-state breakdown shows that women living in certain states are paid far less than the national average suggests, when compared to the average pay for men within the same region.

This slideshow, published by KPTV on May 31, shows the ratio of male to female pay in every state in the US, plus Washington, DC. While women in Washington DC fare better than any of their counterparts elsewhere in the country, DC working women are still paid an average of 9 percent less than men. And that’s the best that America has to offer, as far as wage equality is concerned.

At the other end of the spectrum there’s the state of Louisiana. On average, Louisiana’s working women are paid just 66 percent of what working men are paid. In terms of yearly income, men working full time in Louisiana earn an average of $48,318 per year. In comparison, women working the same number of hours there can expect to earn just $31,865 a year. That’s a difference of $16,453 per year. Breaking that down by hourly wage, Louisiana women earn just $7.36 an hour, while the average hourly rate for men is $11.11. On a national income scale, Louisiana men earn above the national average, while the income of the state’s working women falls near the bottom, when compared to the rest of the country.

The wage gap remains perversely high in the republican led states of Wyoming, West Virginia, Utah and North Dakota, as well. These five states top the list of states with the highest gender wage gaps. In all of these states, women are paid either 69 or 70 percent of what men are paid.

Next to DC, New York and Maryland are the two states with the lowest gender wage gaps. Even in Marlyland, women earn just 85 cents for every dollar a man earns. In terms of yearly wages, Maryland women earn an average of $50,211. Men in the state earn an average of $58,746. The difference works out to be more than $8,000 a year, roughly $600 a month. While that’s about half of the gender pay gap seen in Louisiana, Maryland is still a long way from wage equality.

New York isn’t much better than Maryland, although women in the state are paid 86 cents for every dollar a man is paid, instead of 85.

The rest of the states have a gender wage gap that is 16 percent or higher.

The wage gap exists in every single US state, and in all but two states (not counting Washington DC) women are paid less than 85 cents, for every dollar a man is paid. That’s shameful.

Go to this link to view the entire slideshow.

Less than a month ago, President Obama spoke on the issue of equal pay for women, calling it a “no brainer.”It sure seems like a no brainer, but when you consider that a good portion of the population is republican, and wouldn’t know what to do with a brain if they had one…

Here’s a video of the president’s remarks, courtesy of USA Today:

Featured image credit: Pixabay