New Police Report Confirms: Josh Duggar Molested His 5-Year-Old Sister

Reports began arising last week that at least one of the victims of “morally superior” Josh Duggar could have been no more than five years old. When an article on Arkansas Online mentioned that the police report taken by convicted pedophile Joseph Hutchens was destroyed to protect the identity of a minor, some simple math led to the conclusion that Duggar had in fact molested a toddler.

In Touch magazine, who originally broke the Duggar scandal, has uncovered a new police report that confirms that not only did Josh Duggar allegedly violate a 5-year-old when he was 15, but that it was one of his sisters.

The report also states that what his parents, Mike Huckabee, and the entire Christian right calls a simple teenage mistake happened at least seven times. According to the In Touch report:

“Josh Duggar confessed to his father Jim Bob Duggar on THREE separate occasions to multiple acts of sexual molestation against his sisters and a family friend, according to a new police report obtained exclusively by In Touch magazine. The document also makes clear that Josh was 15 years old when he molested his 5-year-old sister and committed at least SEVEN acts of sexual molestation.”

Seven acts of sexual molestation against five little girls by a 15-year-old is no simple teenage mistake, it’s a red flag that someone is a serial sexual predator.

In Touch also points out that the report “makes it clear that despite Josh’s chilling confessions the Duggars waited at least 16 months before contacting authorities about the molestations, even though the behavior was continuing and growing worse. During that period they did not get professional counseling for Josh or his victims. Legal experts tell In Touch that Jim Bob and Michelle could have faced six years in prison for their inaction, if the statute of limitations had not expired.”

The Duggar family has officially gone beyond the realm of people trying to help their wayward son to people covering for a depraved child molester.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have already taped an interview with Megyn Kelly that’s expected to be an empathetic softball game. Kelly has already conceded that the interview won’t contain any kind of cross-examination.

It doesn’t matter. When you put yourselves on a moral pedestal and proclaim yourselves better than everyone else because you have 19 kids who pray, the truth about something like this is bound to come out.

Here’s the full police report, courtesy of In Touch magazine:


Featured image: Duggar Family Blog