New Survey Reveals: Capitalism Has Failed Us, And Americans From Both Parties Know It (VIDEO)

As pundits scratch their heads over the surge in Bernie Sanders’ long-shot campaign, a surprising new poll from CBS sheds light on the reason why: Income inequality.

That’s right. The New York Times reports that a huge majority of Americans really do care about income inequality. Not only that, they think it’s urgent and they want our government to do something about it.

The poll found that a strong majority say that wealth should be more evenly divided and that it is a problem that should be addressed urgently. Nearly six in 10 Americans said government should do more to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

Of course, there’s the predictable division along party lines about how to fix the wealth gap, with eight out of 10 Democrats urging more federal government intervention. Still, an astonishing one third of poll respondents who identify themselves as Republicans also want more government intervention.

Below are just a few of people’s surprising responses to the CBS poll on income inequality and workers rights.

  • 66 percent say the distribution of money and wealth should be more even.
  • 67 percent say the wealth gap between rich and poor is getting larger in the U.S.
  • 57 percent say our government should do more to reduce the wealth gap.
  • 68 percent think we should raise taxes on those who earn more than $1 million per year.
  • A surprising 50 percent even think we should put limits on how much top execs at big corporations can earn.
  • 74 percent think corporations have too much influence on American life and politics.
  • 71 percent want to raise the U.S.  minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, 80 percent favor paid family leave, and 85 percent want to require paid sick leave.

A host of other polls also confirm that Bernie Sanders’ “socialist” views actually aren’t “out there” at all. Most Americans agree with the Democratic presidential candidate and Senator from Vermont. This slowly-but-surely surging change in how we see income inequality comes as no surprise when you consider the following grim facts:

We’ve been hearing that the economy has been “recovering” for years, but most of us feel like we’re still stuck in the recession.

While a group of my fellow parents and I were yakking about the challenges of our family budgets, our laid back surfer friend announced, “Dude. You can only squeeze the cantaloupe so hard.” And guess what? He’s right. Once we get to a certain point, there’s nothing you can do. There’s nothing left to squeeze out of the withered, dessicated rind that once was your cantaloupe, and there are no more hours in the day left for extra work.

It looks like we’re finally starting to wise up on what’s been happening to us over the past four decades. A viral video on income inequality from just three years ago reveals that most of us thought wealth was distributed way more evenly that what turns out to be the case. Here’s the video on the wealth gap in America.

What about income inequality solutions?

When it comes to income inequality solutions, the Story of Stuff has some ideas on creating an economy that’s safer, healthier, and more fair. And this means changing the rules of the game so that human, social and environmental costs and benefits carry the same weight as monetary profits. Which, when push comes to shove, is what being liberal is all about. Here’s the video.

Featured image: Unknown/IMGUR.