This Dad’s Hilarious Response To Public School’s Religious Indoctrination Is A Must Read (IMAGES)

Anyone who knows anything about the United States Constitution knows that the Establishment Clause forbids the pushing of religion in public and government-operated institutions, including public schools. Of course, this doesn’t stop right-wing religions zealots, including politicians, from trampling that law into a million pieces on a regular basis. We have Tennessee, which has attempted to make the Bible the official state book, Louisiana, which is pushing creationism in science classrooms, and Texas, which has approved science textbooks that revise history to suggest that Moses was a Founding Father of America. These are just a few examples of how the religious nuts in this country are running amok and trying to turn us into a theocracy.

Well, Australian comedian and satarist David Thorne has had enough, and he found a hilariously creative way to express to his child’s school in Australia how ridiculous -and not to mention illegal – he found the fact that they were requesting permission to take 5th and 6th grade students to a religious play around Easter time. The email exchange between David Thorne and the self-proclaimed “School Chaplain,” Darryl Robinson, is absolute comedy gold, and a must read. The exchange is quite old, but the message and hilarity are timeless. Who knows, it might give American parents some idea of what to do when this happens in their child’s school. Without further ado, here is a series of images of the entire exchange:

religious shot 1


religious shot 2

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religious shot 11

While David Thorne’s response to this School Chaplain Christian volunteer may have been juvenile, his message is an important one: That parents are in no way obligated to keep quiet about what is taught to their children in school if it is illegal. Darryl Robinson never should have been at a public school in any sort of official capacity as a religious figure, volunteer or otherwise. While Australia’s laws vary slightly from those in America regarding this sort of thing, still, he presented himself as a Chaplain  and counselor, with the intention of indoctrinating children against the will of their parents. Sound familiar?

Kudos to David Thorne for pointing this illegal activity out in such a creative and educational way. Hopefully, more secular parents follow suit, and religious indoctrination in public schools will be stopped at every turn, no matter how sneaky these people think they are. Now, whether or not Mr. Thorne’s hilarious response here was embellished a bit or not (he is a comedian, after all, so it very well could be), it’s still the best thing ever, and the perfect way for parents to respond to the religious zealots on the right who won’t listen to reason and obey the law on this issue.

At any rate, Mr. Thorne, your response is the most entertaining thing I’ve read all day, so, thank you.

All images/featured image via Tickld