Lindsey Graham: I Don’t Support LGBT People, But I Sure Would Like Caitlyn Jenner’s Vote (VIDEO)

Hypocrisy isn’t new to the Republican Party, but this is just downright comical.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently announced that he’s running for president. And of course with that, comes a fair about of pandering to get votes. So when interviewed by Dana Bash on CNN Sunday morning, he made sure to say everything he could to get votes. This included making sure people know how much he wants to go to war with ISIS, how much he hates debt, and how much he’d really like Caitlyn Jenner’s vote. Jenner, if you’re not aware (but probably are) recently came out as both transgender and Republican.

Graham starts by stating what he thinks are the most important issues, saying, “too much debt, too many terrorists.” He then said:

“If you think we can protect America without some troops having to go back overseas, and fight for a very long time most likely, then I’m not your guy.”

Well, okay then. A President Lindsey Graham would ensure we go to war again for a very long time. That ought to go over well with an American public who is very war-weary and would like that region to sort through their own problems.

The conversation later shifted to Caitlyn Jenner, and how many in the Republican party don’t accept LGBT individuals, especially transgender individuals. However, Graham stated:

“If Caitlyn Jenner wants to be safe and have a prosperous economy — vote for me.”

Sure, because under the last Republican president we didn’t end up with the worst recession since the Great Depression and have two unfunded wars which created a lot of the debt Graham hates. Graham does realize we have these devices that record history so we can later look at it to not repeat our mistakes, correct?

Graham did say he hasn’t walked in Jenner’s shoes and that he hopes she finds peace. However, Graham sticks his foot in his mouth when he says:

“I’m a pro-life, traditional marriage kind of guy, but I’m running to be president of the United States. If Caitlyn Jenner wants to be a Republican, she is welcome in my party.”

So, Graham wants Jenner’s vote, welcomes her in the party, just doesn’t want her to have the same rights as everyone else, got it. Jenner made it clear in her interview with Diane Sawyer that she is still attracted to women.

Graham said, of course, that he believes in traditional marriage without animosity. So he’s not a hateful bigot… just a bigot.

Then, in what can only be seen a very crafty way to tie everything together, Graham connects Caitlyn Jenner and radical Islam together in the same sentence, saying:

“Here’s what I would say to the talk show hosts: In the eyes of radical Islam, they hate you as much as they hate Caitlyn Jenner. They hate us all because we won’t agree to their view of religion. So America, we are all in this together.”

You see, Graham hates religions that want everyone to agree with their view of life, but wants all of us to abide by his religion when it comes to marriage. And by saying we’re all in this together, but not actually wanting us all to be equal under the law, well, that’s just hypocrisy at its finest.

Video via Crooks and Liars/Featured image via screen grab/Vanity Fair cover