Racists Spray ‘No N*ggers’ On Church Van, Poison Black Family’s Puppy (VIDEO)

Normally, we see racists spray hateful messages on buildings, or write them on receipts, or other irritating and horrible yet nonviolent acts (except when they are violent). But “everything’s bigger in Texas,” as they say.

In keeping with the unofficial state mantra, an unknown bigot or a group of unknown bigots proved the GOP’s assertion that racism is over in America to be completely and utterly wrong.

No one knows who did it at the moment, but a pastor in Kaufman found the phrase, “No n*ggers” spray painted on the back of his church van — and something even more horrifying.


via WFAA

via WFAA

The phrase was sprayed on the van during the nighttime hours on Sunday, May 31. “It brings tears to my eyes,” said church member Margaret Pipkins. “It just made me cry to see the words on the back of the van.” The vandals also slashed the vehicle’s tires.

“What really got me is, they put it on the church bus,” Pastor John Weaver said. “Golly, we are Christians. We ain’t got no hate.” But the hateful message and additional damage were not enough for these racists: They also poisoned the pastor’s puppy, Ka-lo.

“The most hurtful thing is, they killed the puppy,” Pipkins said. “An innocent puppy.”

via WFAA

via WFAA

The family, who are the only African-Americans living in that Kaufman neighborhood, believes the vandals meant to send them a message. “I see it as a message to all the black people in Kaufman,” Weaver said.

The Weavers say they will not be bullied out of their home. “We aren’t going nowhere,” the pastor pledged. “We are going to be there.”

Police are seeking those who committed this horrible hate crime. “The Kaufman Police Department has had our entire department working on this case and trying to develop leads to determine who the person or persons are that committed this crime and we are asking for the public’s help,” read a department statement. Kaufman Crime stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the apprehension of the criminals.

Church members are responding to this hate crime with a message of love. “I hope they will know that we love them and we will forgive them.” said Pipkins, “We hold no hate in our heart.”

“You can’t retaliate behind nothing like this, all you can do is pray.” said Pastor Weaver, “Continue to pray and pray for the one’s that did it also. Cause people’s lives change.”

Weaver says that church will happen on schedule Sunday at New Life Full Gospel: “We’ll be rolling, Sunday we’ll be rolling.”

Texas is a place where they want to “get those blacks off the school board,”  and where students can return to their apartment to find “Let’s hand a n*gger” and “Whites only” scrawled on their walls. It’s a state where basketball fans hold up White Power” signs, and where conservative groups host “affirmative action bake sales.” It’s a state where political candidates openly say that they don’t want black people to vote and any other number of horrific things.

It’s wonderful that these good-hearted Christians were able to rise above the hate.

Watch a report on this horrible crime, below:

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