A Republican Radio Host Actually Admitted It – He Wants To Bring Back Jim Crow Voting Laws (AUDIO)


“Give us the ballot and we will no longer have to worry the federal government about our basic rights …”

–Martin Luther King Jr., May, 1957

Voting – you’d think that anti-government Republicans would encourage participation. After all, it’s only with everyone’s voice that we get a government that represents us.

But that’s not what Republicans want. They don’t want participation. They don’t want black people voting or poor people voting or women voting or young people. They have one interest in mind, and that’s to preserve the plutocracy, the white plutocracy. Few Republicans will dare state it that bluntly, but Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson, who calls himself the better of GOP presidential candidates, is that blunt.

On June 4th, Mickelson¬†hosted two representatives of the League of Women voters, an organization whose goal is to register people to vote. Mickelson disagrees with that goal. He says he’s “in the voter repression business” and that he wants “people not to vote unless they agree with (him).”

Okay, that was probably a joke, sort of. But then he went on with Republicans’ usual line of “we’re not a democracy, we’re a republic.” We’re actually a democratic republic, which is dependent on people voting, but as with the pesky “well regulated militia” portion of the 2nd Amendment, details tend to escape the GOP.

Mickelson then suggested a “civics test” or a “current events test” in order to qualify to vote. Mickelson, who, like all Republicans, can’t get enough of the 2nd Amendment, is clearly not a fan of the 15th Amendment, which made literacy tests and other sorts of voting competency tests illegal.

Here’s the audio:

Then things got even worse. If Mickelson gets his way, like in the Jim Crow era, only people who own property will be able to vote. A caller suggested that it would be more important for property owners, regardless of where they lived, to be able to vote on bond referendums, which are funded by property taxes, than it would be for non-property owning residents.

Mickelson then said that people who don’t own property are not taxpayers, which of course is a complete lie and completely ignores the fact that homeowners get a break on their federal taxes. Both he and his caller suggested that non-homeowners be excluded from voting on “money issues.”

The problem with that, of course, is that it’s illegal, plus, money issues are rarely separate from the rest of the ballot. To make it illegal to vote for one or more issues will have the effect of discouraging people from voting at all and that’s exactly what Republicans want. They want to bring us back to the Jim Crow era, when only people who owned property could vote.

Here’s that audio:

Featured image via Jan Mickelson public Facebook page.