Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: ‘Air Pollution Isn’t Evil’ Because The Bible Doesn’t Say It Is

Catholic League president, Bill Donohue, has a bone to pick with Pope Francis. The latter has shown himself to be cognizant of modern problems and is trying to address some from his position of authority.  One of those issues is climate change, which Pope Francis is expected to release an encyclical about later this month. The Pontiff will also speak on the subject when he addresses Congress in September.

But Donohue doesn’t believe that the Pope should be talking about climate change or some of the other things Francis has addressed since he assumed leadership of the Catholic church. Why? Because Donohue thinks the Pope’s authority lies with faith and morals only.

“I don’t care whether it’s Pope Francis or his predecessors or his successors someday. Once you get outside the domain, of faith and morals, be careful and be careful particularly when you get into the weeds and get very specific. Now we might get a little bit more specific, but the more specific you become on something like this, well what happens is Catholics will scratch their head and say, well he’s a very nice man.”

Speaking on The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV, Donohue said that Catholics will “offer him (Francis) respect” but will not accept what he has to say as “guiding their thoughts.” Donohue — and those who follow his bastardized version of Catholicism — apparently doesn’t accept the Pontiff as infallible. This is at odds with Catholic doctrine:

As Vatican II remarked, it is a charism the pope “enjoys in virtue of his office, when, as the supreme shepherd and teacher of all the faithful, who confirms his brethren in their faith (Luke 22:32), he proclaims by a definitive act some doctrine of faith or morals. Therefore his definitions, of themselves, and not from the consent of the Church, are justly held irreformable, for they are pronounced with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, an assistance promised to him in blessed Peter.”

Looks like Donohue is not in accordance with Catholic dogma on this matter. There is no mention of personal preference or what your donors want you to say.

As long as the Pope says something which agrees with Donohue’s personal beliefs — like abortion or euthanasia — Donohue likes Francis just fine. It’s when the Pontiff speaks to other issues, all of which can be tied to faith and morals, that Donohue refuses to adhere to doctrine.

“When it comes to things which are nonnegotiable – let me give you two quick ones: abortion and euthanasia. It’s not my opinion, it’s in the Catechism. It says these are intrinsically evil. No one has ever said that air pollution is intrinsically evil.”

“Nobody,” meaning nobody in the Bible, ever addressed air pollution. But environmentalism is addressed, though not under that exact definition. But God did give man stewardship of the Earth. This implies that God cares about his creation and values all of it. There are several Bible verses that can be read as calling for man to care for the creation of his God. Something does not have to be intrinsically evil for it to be a bad thing.

But, just for fun, let’s look at other things God didn’t address in the Bible. Bill Donohue, I expect you to conform to the standard you’ve set with your comment about air pollution.

Television: Look at you, Bill… you’re on television! God did NOT say that was okay. Stop appearing on it at once. And radio, too, for good measure.

The Internet: Nope, no godly wisdom passed down about this. Get off of it right now. No more website, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Just stick to writing letters…. oh, wait. Did God say anything about mail service?

Cars, planes and trains: Better invest in a herd of asses (actual ones, not your followers) to carry you around. Or you could walk. God was pretty big on walking.

Refrigerator, microwave and other appliances: Not in the Bible, either. Better get to digging a root cellar and building a fire pit for cooking. Your food handling will change in ways you never thought possible. Careful of the salmonella.

Hospitals: You better pray you don’t need one.

Some things that God, and the man Donohue professes to follow, did speak to are issues which Donohue chooses to ignore. Like feeding the hungry, healing the sick and caring for the poor. Words about this came out of Jesus’ mouth! It’s not up for discussion.

Bill Donohue, like most of the self-serving religious types who abound in America today, is interested in only one thing. Money. You can just bet that Donohue has donors who deny climate change and fight against doing anything about it. However, I’m pretty sure that Jesus said something about rich men not getting into heaven. Hypocrites, too. Since Donohue is both, I hope he buys a lot of sun screen for his afterlife.

Featured image via screen capture from Bill Donohue video