Obama Invades Texas: So Far Feds Have Dropped $11M In Cash Bombs On Flood Victims

As conspiracy theorists across Texas continue to wonder when Jade Helm forces will invade their towns, take their guns, destroy their bunkers and put them in FEMA death camps, President Obama pulled a sneak attack across the border with a digital ambush…on flood victims’ bank accounts.

No, it’s not really an attack. Flood victims in Texas, in desperate need of assistance, began receiving direct deposits to their accounts. So far the tally is $11M and rising. That money is for direct assistance to individuals only and doesn’t include aid packages and grants to the state and local governments for infrastructure repair.

John Mills, external affairs representative for FEMA, said the federal agency is working with Texas officials to assess damage to individuals first:

“At this time, more than 8,400 Texas households have registered with FEMA for assistance, and FEMA has already approved for those households that have registered, more than $11 million in individual assistance. Every household is handled on a case by case basis because every family’s exact situation is going to be unique.”

The President declared a state of emergency in Texas on May 29, and FEMA has been on the ground ever since. Francisco Sanchez, public information officer for the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said:

“We were in direct communication with FEMA immediately after the presidential declaration. They are keeping us up to date in the process and how they are going to begin to educate folks on resources and opportunities.”

It seems President Obama is interested in Texas after all. The state, having failed its residents by having no floodplain management plan in place along with lax rules on federal flood insurance, has left the federal government so many Texans despise to pick up the pieces.

According to Mills, FEMA will be sticking around after the response phase ends to aid in the long-term recovery effort.

It remains to be seen if the Lone Star State’s inability to take care of itself will dampen efforts of right-wing extremists to secede from the Union. Clearly if they are allowed to do so the next round of flooding will have them begging Mexico for help.

Featured image: Wiki Commons