White McKinney Resident Says Cop Who Pulled Gun On Black Kids At Pool Party ‘Deserves A Medal’ (VIDEO)

According to a white resident of McKinney, the police officer who drew his weapon and beat upon black teenagers during a pool party shouldn’t face investigation or punishment, but instead “deserves a medal” for valor.

In video footage recorded during Friday’s incident, Cpl. Eric Casebolt is seen grabbing a young teen girl in a bathing suit, throwing her to the ground, sitting on her while she screams in apparent pain and confusion, and cuffing her. When her friends approach him, also in swim suits, he pulls his gun on them. The video went viral, and Casebolt was placed on administrative leave.

To most right-minded people, the video is difficult to watch. It is difficult to see how anyone could be left with an ounce of admiration for this fully grown, armed man as he tosses around a child with such disdain.

But for one Texas woman, Casebolt is a hero.

“I want everyone to know that that police officer, along with everyone else, they were completely in the right and protecting everyone,” the woman told CNN’s Nick Valencia. “He was not out of line. I completely support him drawing his weapon or a Taser or whatever it was that he did pull because he was being attacked from behind.”

“I believe that if your life is threatened, you have every right to pull a gun. He probably didn’t intend on using it. I feel horrible for McKinney PD and and the backlash they’re getting for this.”

The woman added that the officer “deserves a medal for what he did.”

“I don’t believe he was out of line one bit,” she insisted. “Those kids were taunting them and cursing them out, have no respect for authority and as soon as their parents got here, they didn’t even care one bit about how they were treating the officers and why they got into that situation.”

While the woman claims she witnessed the whole event, it is clear that she is either lying or her vantage point was very poor, otherwise she would know that:

  1. the officer pulled a gun on the children
  2. at no point was his life threatened or anywhere near being threatened.
  3. at no point was the officer “attacked from behind”

But the woman’s response conforms to a growing pattern among conservative politicians and media when responding to police brutality against African Americans – the presumption that black people must have done something to deserve such brutality, even if zero evidence for this assumption exists.

Just a sample of the conservative twitter responses to the case,  curated by my colleague Vera this week, summarize this racist reaction.

B010 B011B002These views are fomented by Fox News hosts like Megyn Kelly, who argues that the 15-year-old brutally attacked by this police officer is “no saint either.” Conservatives work busily to character assassinate black victims in order to remove any sympathy for their plight from the viewer.

  • 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, returning from a 7/11 with a can of soda and some sweets was recast as a thug who deserved to die.
  • When an officer pulled up next to 12-year-old Tamir Rice and shot him for holding a toy gun, people responded like this.
  • B004When Officer Michael Schlager gunned down Walter Scott as he ran for his life, conservatives again rallied in defense of police. With conservative pundit Geraldo Rivera stating that the cop was ‘boiling mad’… so it’s not murder.

Just as Christian Conservatives rally to defend child molester Josh Duggar, conservatives rally to protect racist police no matter how egregious the abuse of their powers against black people. In both scenarios, the conservative movement demonstrates it cares way less about people, than it cares about power.

Featured Image via YouTube