No, Jeb Bush; We DO NOT Want A Renewed Cold War With Russia So Just STFU

Jeb Bush is on his “Look at me, I’m in Europe” tour right now, trying to look all presidential even though he has zero foreign policy experience. One of the things he’s addressing in speeches and press events is the problem of Vladimir Putin’s stubborn refusal to back off in Ukraine.

Remember when Bush’s brother, Dubya, decided that Putin (whom he nicknamed — dear lord! — “Poot Poot”) was an okay guy because Dubya had looked into Putin’s eyes and got a sense of his soul? Yeah, so do European reporters. Jeb was asked why his brother got it so wrong and his answer was pretty lame:

“I think Putin has changed. He just invaded another country. That was different than it was a decade ago. This is a different Putin, much more aggressive. I don’t begrudge anybody trying to develop better relationships with any country; but it’s clear that, in this particular case, the much heralded reset didn’t work out.”

Putin has changed?! Say it ain’t so, Jeb! Not when some of the highest ranking Republicans in the country were jacking off to pictures of a shirtless Putin just last year! Fox News was almost begging Putin to invade the U.S. and get rid of that upstart Obama. Evangelical leaders loved them some Putin, too. Gosh, what a fickle bunch!

Jeb’s idea for dealing with this “new” Putin will warm the heart of any neo-con. Saying that we should have troops there “for sure,” Bush called for more “robust” training exercises in the region. Ah, the old my-cannon-is-bigger-than-your-cannon ploy. And what means Jeb by “robust?” Maybe “strong and healthy?” Or “rough, rude or boisterous?” What an odd choice of words; maybe he was thinking about his morning coffee. Let’s see if Jeb can clarify:

“You see the difference between our training exercises and the Russian training exercises, where they deploy tens of thousands of people in the region, literally next door to our allies — and our response is far less mean.”

Ah. So maybe he does mean “rough, rude, or boisterous?” Let’s hope not because I doubt Putin would find that amusing. Sure, Jeb says he’s not trying to start another Cold War but his words betray him.

Growing up under the shadow of the original Cold War, I really don’t want to see another. Those bombs we feared when I was a child are still around. And much bigger now. And the toll on the human psyche is devastating.

The following lyrics may paint a picture for those of you who don’t remember, weren’t born yet, didn’t know what it was like:

All around this great big world
All the crap we had to take
Bombs and basement fallout shelters
All our lives at stake
The bloody revolution
All the warheads in its wake
All the fear and suffering
All a big mistake
All those wasted years
All those precious wasted years
Who will pay?
~~ “Heresy,” by Rush, lyrics by Neil Peart

Who will pay if this untenable situation is revived, like some sleeping dragon? You can bet the leaders of both countries won’t be the ones paying. No, as usual, it would be the people. Russians and Americans. We would pay.

No, Jeb Bush. We don’t want a new Cold War, which is what your comments are skating around. Just shut up about things in which you are not schooled. Your brother was wrong about Putin and you are wrong to even think about escalating in the Ukraine. Because you will not be the one to pay if the dragon awakens.

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons