Pastor On Probation For Child Molestation Caught Assaulting Another Child (VIDEO)

Duane Youngblood is the now-former pastor of Pennsylvania’s Higher Call World Outreach church, and he has a rather sordid history. You see, Pastor Youngblood likes young boys. Like most of the religious freaks caught up in these scandals, he is a firm supporter of the ex-gay movement, constantly sitting in judgement of others. However, Pastor Youngblood has no room to judge anyone, as he has been in trouble with the law multiple times since the early 2000’s for child molestation. Well, he was on probation for said charges and it seems he couldn’t help himself. According to The Raw Story, Pastor Youngblood has been caught molesting another child — while wearing an ankle monitor for his probation.

It all started in 2008, when it was discovered that Youngblood had been molesting a teenage boy during confidential “counseling” sessions. He was sentenced to probation for that crime — though how sexual assault of a minor doesn’t warrant mandatory jail time is beyond me.

In December of 2014, it happened again. Pastor Youngblood had been caught molesting yet another young boy. Apparently, this bout of abuse went on for more than two years, again, under the guise of “counseling” sessions. He was sentenced to 48 months in jail this time (which is still nothing for such a heinous crime).

Then, this past Monday, Youngblood found himself in front of Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge David R. Cashman once again, because he violated his probation by molesting yet another boy. This time, Judge Cashman ordered additional jail time — 54 to 108 months’ worth. He also had this to say:

“He has lied and he has scammed and he has conned me from the minute he stood before me. A year after he was on probation, he faced new charges. The court has been misled, deceived and lied to so he could prey on children.”

Cashman is right, of course, but honestly? I blame the court system’s leniency here. Is it because this guy is a preacher that he didn’t get an immediate and lengthy jail sentence for what he has done? He has been allowed back out into communities by the court system to prey on children again and again. This happens all too frequently in these cases. Somehow these religious leaders get a pass. Abuse of all kinds, including sexual abuse, is rampant in these religious communities.

Predators put themselves into positions of trust with these faith communities and are in a perfect position to find their victims. They are also in the perfect position not to get caught, because of the attitudes in such communities. These people often believe that it’s just “sinning,” and if the person asks God for forgiveness, all is well. They also don’t want their churches disgraced, so they keep quiet about abuse. Further, the law gives these “men of god” too much of a pass. It’s a combination of circumstances ripe for rampant, unchecked abuse.

Well, I hope these repeat incidents of sex offending leads the next judge to throw the book at Duane Youngblood. He’ll never change. As long as he is free, his next victim is out there. Lock him up and throw away the key.

Watch video of a report on this case below:

Featured image via video screen capture from KDKA