Texas Mayor Defends ‘Jesus’ Welcome Sign Claiming ‘You Can’t Pin One Religion On Jesus’

One Mayor in Texas is standing by a sign on public land in his town that says, “Jesus Welcomes You To Hawkins.”

Hawkins Mayor Will Rogers (D), doesn’t see anything wrong with having such a religious sign on public property, not quite realizing that public land is for all who inhabit the town, and not just Christians.

via KLTV

via KLTV

One group, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, has now sent a letter to an East City Texas City Council to remove the sign. The letter states:

“‘The Jesus Welcomes You To Hawkins’ sign sends a message to the City’s citizens that the Hawkins government is endorsing and compelling a belief in a particular god. By endorsing such a belief, the sign sends the message to nonadherents that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community, and an accompanying message to adherents that they are insiders, favored numbers…”

But Rogers isn’t swayed and stands by his sign. In fact, he doesn’t see it as representative of only one religion. He said:

“Even if you don’t look at Jesus as a religious leader, you have the humanitarian aspects of his life while he was here to consider.”

He also showed his brilliance by saying this bewildering statement:

“In a small town like ours, it’s very hard to come up with the finances to be able to battle something often and these groups know that. Jesus represents billions of people and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that sign. I don’t think it goes against our constitution. Jesus is part of every major religion in the world, so you can’t pin one religion on Jesus.

Yep, he’s apparently THAT stupid. There’s no other way to put it. Jesus is part of the Christian faith and denominations thereof — including, but not limited to, Catholicism. Mormons also believe in Jesus, but their story line evolved into something separate. Jesus in NOT part of every major religion in the world, not by a long shot. And yes, you can pin one religion on Jesus — Christianity. It’s kind of the entire reason it’s called “Christianity.” It’s about the deification and stories of Jesus Christ as told in the Bible.

Should the sign be taken down? Not necessarily. Move it to the lawn of a Christian church and off of city-owned property. Public land represents everyone and that sign represents only certain individuals. The sign violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, but can be easily fixed by moving the sign to private land which follows the Free Exercise Clause.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is correct in writing a letter to remove this sign, and hopefully this situation will be resolved sooner rather than later.

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