More Police Brutality: White CA Cops Savagely Beat Restrained Black Man (VIDEO)

Another day, another case of appalling police violence caught on video. Two white Stockton, California cops can be seen in a citizen-filmed cell phone video beating a restrained and unresisting black suspect. However, it seems that this is the narrative they plan to use to cover their asses, because they keep telling the man, who is clearly restrained, in pain from the beating and in no way resisting arrest, to stop resisting.

Local resident Benjamin Reyes posted the video to Facebook, with the caption:

“This is what Stockton police department its becoming to fuck that shit. Just seen this in front of my house…”

In the video, the cops can be seen beating the restrained man with batons, and aiming for his knees, while holding his arms. Even though they keep telling him to stop resisting, it is clear that not only is he not resisting, he couldn’t if he wanted to. Further, there is no need for violence at all, as the man is clearly unarmed and no threat to the officers.

At one point, the man is told to put his hands behind his back. When he tells the officers he can’t because they are holding his arms, one of them says, “You can do it,” before delivering another blow.

This is just the latest in a long line of incidents of clear and obvious police abuse, racism and brutality. These cops are way out of hand. They get off on abusing black citizens, on dehumanizing us and on knowing that they are hardly ever punished for their crimes, because they are white, we are black, and we live in a system of white supremacy. Couple that with the fact that they are the law, and you have a very difficult time getting any justice. Hopefully, this video goes completely viral, and justice is served in this case, unlike so many others.

Watch video of the incident below:

Featured image via video screen capture