Dictator Lindsey Graham: I Would Fire Any Military Leader Who Disagreed With Me

Republican senator, and 2016 presidential candidate, Lindsey Graham would fire any military leader who didn’t agree with his plan to send 10,000 troops back to Iraq. According to the Washington Post, military leaders warned President Obama against sending more troops into Iraq to deal with ISIL. This is what Graham is irritated about, because when he’s president, by golly we will use as much military as it takes to send the entire Middle East back to the Stone Age. Anybody who doesn’t agree can wave goodbye to their career.

According to The Raw Story, Graham said:

“I’m dying to hear from our military leadership on how we degrade and destroy ISIL with the current strategy. So now would be a good time to call [Defense Secretary] Ash Carter and our military leaders to our Capitol Hill and say, ‘If you’ve got a problem with what we’re doing, let me know. But tell me how this is working.'”

He also said:

“Because if our military leadership thinks we’re on path to degrade and destroy ISIL, they need to be fired.”

Seeing as how military leadership would know better than Graham whether anything we can do will work, it’s highly insulting that Graham would assume he’s all-seeing while sitting there in his ivory tower. According to the Post article, our military leadership is increasingly skeptical of whether it’s possible to win a conflict fueled by political and religious problems, which is what’s happening in the Middle East.

The Post also reports that military leaders want to know what the ultimate goal there is, which gives the lie to this pervasive idea that Obama is the only reason we haven’t sent more troops back there. Our military leaders are worried about continued efforts to try and win this, and they’re the ones who would know best. A good president listens to his military leaders when it comes to military matters, so what is Graham playing at?

Well, truth be told, Graham is one of Washington’s biggest war hawks. He has said that the Iraq War was not a mistake, despite the fact that even Rumsfeld now says it was. However, he doesn’t really seem to know how he would have proceeded, given what we know now. He blames Obama for the mess with ISIL, even though this probably wouldn’t have happened if we’d left well enough alone, and concentrated on Afghanistan and the Taliban.

We should also not forget that this is the man who said he’d use the military to force Congress to reverse defense spending cuts if he had to. If that’s not dictatorial thinking, then it is, at least, insane thinking.

Graham would be a terrible president if he’d fire military leaders because they disagreed with him over sending troops somewhere. They’re the experts, not Graham. They’re the ones who’ve already been there, and have seen this before, so they’re the ones who know. Graham is hotheaded and arrogant, and not fit to be president if this is how he’d lead.

Featured image by Frank Plitt. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 de via Wikimedia Commons