Disturbing Video Shows Cop Choking, Tasing 12-Year-Old For No Reason (VIDEO)

According to multiple witnesses, the 12-year-old boy seen in this video was skateboarding with friends in Fallbrook, California, on Saturday, June 13. The website filmingcops.com reports that the pre-teen was approached by an unidentified police officer, and simply told to ‘get in the car’. Bystanders claim that when the boy asked ‘why?’ the officer said ‘You don’t want to get dropped.’

According to the witnesses, who turned the video over to the website filmingcops.com, the kid was scared and tried to move away from the officer, who grabbed him and repeatedly punched him in the back and face, before concerned bystanders started to film.

The video footage shows the boy and the officer on the ground. The cop has the kid in a chokehold. He then deploys a taser to his back. The boy can be heard screaming, as bystanders demand to know what is going on.

A few seconds later the cop tases him a second time, as he is lying on his back on the ground.

Concerned bystanders claim that the cop never gave any reason for ordering the child into his patrol car, and say that he was not doing anything wrong at the time he was approached.

Although it was initially reported that the child seen in the video is 13-years-old, filmingcops.com reports that his age has been confirmed at 12.¬†The boy’s identity has been verified. Because of his age, he’s being identified as only ‘Joshua.’

Here’s the video, uploaded to YouTube by Filming Cops on Saturday, June 14.

According to filmingcops.com, the officer confiscated additional cell phone video, that was taken at the scene.

How is punching a 12-year-old kid in the face, choking him and then using a taser on him not child abuse? If any other adult treated a child in the same way this cop did, that person would be facing a multitude of criminal charges. But this guy has a gun and a badge, so that makes it legal for him to violently assault a child.

If the cop did tell the kid to ‘get in the car’ but refused to say why, the boy had every reason to be scared, and he also had the right to refuse to obey that command. A police officer cannot lawfully detain a person without telling them why. Also, under California law, a police officer has to advise a juvenile of their Miranda rights, if the intent is to arrest that child.

This video is beyond disturbing for any number of reasons.¬†Anyone who has worked with children, whether in a church, school, community setting or otherwise, will tell you that it’s entirely against professional standards for any adult to be alone with a minor. It’s crazy to think that police, who have virtually unlimited power to harm, abuse and even abduct children, don’t seem to have any professional standards in place to protect kids from potentially abusive cops. It’s unfathomable that a lone cop can legally order an unaccompanied minor into his vehicle. If the child refuses to comply, whether because he fears for his own physical safety or because he doesn’t understand what’s happening, a cop can tackle, punch, choke, even tas that kid, and face absolutely no consequences.

As of June 14, the website filmingcops.com reports that Joshua’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Even the most rabid cop defender has to be able to see the dangers of allowing cops to violently kidnap minor children, them drive away with them to God knows where, no questions asked.

Even if you think that 99.9 percent of cops are ‘good guys,’ you can’t possibly support the idea of letting the .01 percent of cops that you admit are potentially child-molesting predators, violently abuse and abduct children, without question and or consequence. If a parent, teacher or child care worker were caught on camera doing this to a child, the police would be called in to arrest that person. In the video we can hear the bystanders asking someone to call the police on the police. The sad thing is that we already know that police won’t protect the public from police.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture via Filming Cops on YouTube