Conservatives Go Into Full Panic Mode When Baseball Fans Chant ‘4 More Years’ At Obama

When President Obama made a surprise appearance at the annual Democrat vs. Republican congressional baseball game, fans on the Democratic side began chanting “four more years!” The president smiled and waved, the press took photos, the game went on, the Democrats won.

In a world before social media, where militias can assemble behind terrifying screen names and provide impressively typed descriptions of the things they’re willing to do for their country, that would have been the end of it. Democrats would have chuckled; Republicans would have laughed and said, “yeah right!”

Not in the neo-conservative world of online politics. Today, with the stroke of a key, a site like Young Cons can print the story, add a line about the 22nd amendment, and sit back and watch with glee as the outrage pours from the right-wing nutjob base of fools that follow such trash.

And so it began:


Ruh roh. Looks like the “patriots” are NOT happy about this. Not to worry, though. Should Obama decide to do something extreme like declare martial law and give himself permanent dictator status, there’s 4 people and a Smith and Wesson waiting for him.

Besides, he would never even consider doing something that brazen, would he?



Oh my.  Apparently this plan is already well underway. The chanting at the baseball game must have been some sort of liberal signal for everyone to gather their EBT cards and buy all the steak and lobster they can carry to support the reign of King Barack. Surely this has to be an exaggeration.

But what if it’s not? Can he be stopped?



Well there you have it. We’re doomed. First he took all our guns, then he took all our rights, now he’s using the American pastime to bring his final solution to the conservative problem to the streets of our country.

Alright, so we still have our guns, our rights and the baseball thing was all in good fun, but isn’t it just a blast to sit inside the empty shell that is a right-wing extremist’s skull? These people are truly insane, truly delusional, and truly armed to the teeth. They are dangerous, and their numbers are multiplying.

The more the GOP propaganda machine sees this kind of response to something as mundane as a supportive chant for the president at a partisan sporting event, the more they’ll dangle that shiny object in front of the clueless.

Hate, after all, will in the very least keep them voting against Democrats, because if Obama doesn’t lay siege to our cities and towns, certainly it’s because he’s waiting to be appointed Supreme Leader by Hillary Clinton.

After reading those comments from the deranged followers of modern-day conservatism, do you really think it’s that far-fetched?

The internet is proving more and more to b a very dangerous place. When the cities are burning and King Barack sits on his throne none of it will matter anyway.

Featured image: Twitter