NJ Cop Murders Ex-Wife In Front Of Daughter And Fellow Officers – Gets Hugs While Being Arrested

It feels like a broken record at this point – the dialogue remains the same while the names and places change. Most of the time, the stories that expose the hypocrisy in our police forces are centered around an unarmed black man being shot and killed by police officers and the forces scurrying about to cover up and excuse the actions of their own. However, a situation in New Jersey illustrates the blatant preferential treatment within police forces like no other.

Neptune Township police sergeant Phillip Seidle,51, who has been on the Neptune Township Police Department for 22 years, has been charged with murder after he shot his ex-wife Tamara, 51, in front of his colleagues. It is reported that the couple had divorced May 27 of this year and Seidle’s comments at the scene are indicative of an ongoing custody dispute.

Details of the cold-blooded, police-witnessed murder are shocking.

Sergeant Seidle is reported to have been driving his Honda Pilot, with his seven-year-old daughter in the passenger seat, chasing his ex-wife who as driving a Volkswagen Jetta. Tamara Seidle then crashed into an unoccupied parked car on the street and her ex-husband slammed into her car. According to witnesses, that is when Phillip Seidle exited his vehicle, pulled his service gun and started shooting into his ex-wife’s vehicle. He then proceeded to hold the gun to his own head and paced around the scene.

There is little question that the incidents described above happened in a very short period of time – and certainly there is a chance that police were not on the scene to defuse the situation at that very moment. However, it is reported by NJ.com that Asbury Park police were in the area after responding to an unrelated car accident and witnessed the events. So, that is what makes what happened next even more unbelievable.

At this point, officers were able talk to the crazed cop and were able get the Seidle’s seven-year-old daughter out of his vehicle. Once the child was safe, Phillip Seidle then fired more shots through his ex-wife’s windshield before turning the gun on himself once again.

In his rants, witnesses say he said, “You guys don’t understand. I’m tired of paying alimony. I don’t get to see my children.”

The total amount of time spent from start to finish was 30 minutes. For 30 minutes, police officers were able to watch as an armed man ranted in the street, kill another person, and posed a threat to himself and others – yet not a single one pulled the trigger.

I’m not saying the police on the scene SHOULD have killed this man, although, if they had, his ex-wife may have survived – considering during those 30 minutes of negotiations, she was without medical care, laying injured in her vehicle from gun shot wounds.

To add more insult to injury, NJ.com reports:

The standoff came to an end after police officers, on one side of Sewall Avenue, slid a small black box about the size of an individual cupcake box to Seidle, who was standing on the other side of the street, the witness said.

After looking at the object, he raised his arms over his head and walked out into the street to surrender, the witness said. The witness said police officers surrounded Seidle, who was “bawling his eyes out.” While taking him into custody, some of the officers hugged him and patted him comfortingly on the back, the witness said.

A fellow officer then sat in the back of the vehicle with Seidle as he was taken into police custody.

It’s safe to assume he didn’t receive a “rough ride” like Freddie Gray.

And, the half an hour it took to disarm this cop is in stark contrast to the situation surrounding Tamir Rice’s death, which only allowed for two seconds (literally) to pass before a 12-year-old black child armed with a toy had his young life snuffed out by an officer who claimed he had no choice.

Yes, we have a major problem on our hands and it is in our best interest as a nation to address it. Now.

Monmouth County First Assistant Prosecutor Marc LeMieux says the lack of force used in this situation is under investigation. Seidle is being held on a $2 million bail while facing murder charges as well as possession of a weapon of unlawful purpose and child endangerment.

Featured image via video screen capture