Glenn Beck Holds Rally At Charleston Confederate War Memorial, Crowd Chants ‘All Lives Matter’ (IMAGES)

Yesterday, Glenn Beck announced on his show The Glenn Beck Program that he would be traveling to Charleston to “show this community they are loved.”

On the program, when he announced his plans to visit, he said:

“I don’t know why, but this isn’t Ferguson. I don’t know why, but this isn’t Baltimore. This is a place where slave trade happened. . . I have a dog tag from Charleston, South Carolina as part of our history collection, I have an actual dog tag, but it’s not for a dog, it’s for a human being. This is a place that was the heart of darkness at one point. But it’s not anymore. They’re not those people. I refuse to be dragged back into the 1960’s or the 1860’s.”

Umm, it’s not Ferguson or Baltimore because authorities of the state did not carry out the execution of black people, this time. Roof wasn’t a police officer. He wasn’t entrusted with the faith of the people to protect and serve.

However, just because the violence committed wasn’t at the hands of law enforcement doesn’t mean that South Carolina is free of racism. That idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Authority in the state openly support racism. Children are raised in homes where many are taught to embrace “southern heritage” with a history of those very dog tags in which you speak. Leaders of the state have supported the racist heritage by flying the confederate flag high in their state capitol, even after a racially motivated massacre has occurred.

In the seven minute video, Beck continued a diatribe that supported a view that we are living in a post-racial America in response to the senseless killing of nine African-Americans by a known white supremacist with a goal to start a race war.

How can anyone possibly think Beck’s words and actions are those of a rational human being?

He then says, “I don’t know why this shooter shot people,” even though Roof’s motivation for the shooting was known fairly early yesterday after a surviving witness shared the terrorist’s words. But, even if those words were not enough to convince Beck that racism was the motivation, it was confirmed by ABC News at 3:41 p.m. that Dylann Roof planned the attack for months to “start a civil war.”

Beck isn’t even on air until 5 p.m. eastern time.

He continues:

“He might shoot people because he’s a racist. He might have shot people because he is an anarchist. He might have shot people because he hates christians. I don’t know why he shot people. But either way, whether it was because of race or because he is anti-christian or he just wants to stir up trouble, it’s evil. Chaos is evil.”

Seriously, Beck? At dinner time last night you had absolutely no idea why this 21-year-old who “held conservative views” entered a historic black church, listened to a bible study, and then murdered six black women and three black men? It required all of this misinformation disguised as speculation? Just didn’t know, huh?

ABC News screen capture

ABC News screen capture


This context is extremely important. It is quite obvious that Beck is avoiding the acknowledgement that racism played the central part in this tragedy. He even goes as far as implying that racism doesn’t exist in South Carolina.

Umm, anyone who has visited South Carolina knows very well that racism is alive and well in the Palmetto State.

Then, in less than 24 hours after Beck was on air stating he didn’t know why this incident was different from Baltimore or Ferguson; he had no idea if the domestic terrorist was motivated by racism – in less than 24 hours after whitewashing racism in South Carolina – he was standing by a Confederate War Memorial, with a crowd of mostly white people, praying, and chanting that “All Lives Matter.”

A reporter captured some of the moments and tweeted them to her followers.

For the record, John C. Calhoun was a “best known for his intense and original defense of slavery as something positive” according to Wikipedia. Because, that would absolutely be the best location to pray about black people being shot by a white racist – in front of a white racist pro-slavery monument. . .

Beck and those that started the antagonistic #AllLivesMatter hashtag seem to miss an important fact. It was clearly said by a gentleman who countered the chant there in Charleston and was pointed out by this person on Instagram.

It is only when #blacklivesmatter that all lives matter.

Currently, we still live in a society where all lives don’t matter – black lives don’t matter. If they did – things like massacres carried out by a person who grew up in a state that nurtures racists and pacifies them with flying a discriminatory flag – wouldn’t happen. Black men wouldn’t be shot in the back by police officers, only to have them laugh about it. Black men wouldn’t be illegally arrested and then killed in police vans – only to have other cops say they did nothing wrong . Black teens wouldn’t be gunned down in the streets by white men – only then to experience character assassination by right-wing media.

One person on Twitter summed up Beck’s appearance perfectly.

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