Kansas Republicans Persecute Black Democrat For Calling Out Their Racism (VIDEO)

Kansas Republicans are making an effort to actually kick a black Democratic state representative out of the legislature because she called out their racist bill.

When the state House Education Committee convened in March to discuss whether or not to approve a GOP-sponsored anti-immigration bill that would deny college tuition to undocumented immigrants, Kansas state Rep. Valdenia Winn caught the distinct scent of racism and blasted the bill and its supporters.

“I have dreaded this day because this is a racist, sexist, fear-mongering bill that I would like first to apologize to the progressively-minded people of Kansas who are appalled that we are turning back the hands of time. I am going to use strong language, Jim Crow tactics, and once again making Kansas a laughingstock. I want to apologize to the students and their parents whose lives are being hijacked by the racist bigots who support this bill because this bill is not an act of –”

Before she could finish, old mustachioed white guy, Kansas Republican, and House Education Committee member John Barker interrupted Winn to exclaim “She just referred to this committee as racist.”

Winn then continued:

“I said supporters. I am not saying anything. But you know what, you can do anything you want, but I am going to say what I have to say because if the shoe fits, if the shoe fits, it fits. But this is an example of institutional racism, not individual racist, institutional racism because it deals with societal structural changes.”

In the end, the Republicans on the committee were so embarrassed about being outed as racist anti-immigration cheerleaders that they helped vote the bill down for the time being, presumably until the charges of racism go away or until they are able to punish Winn for speaking up.

Because that’s exactly what the Republicans did next.

In response to being called out for being racists, Kansas Republicans filed a complaint against Winn and organized an investigative committee consisting of three Democrats and three Republicans. No doubt, the three Republicans intend on persecuting Winn while the three Democrats are going to watch the GOP hang themselves as they attack a black woman in a public forum.

One Republican who helped file the complaint is Rep. Tony Barton, who is also black. He’s pissed off because he claims Winn slandered him. Of course, one would think Barton would be the first to understand that racism is when a majority group targets a specific group of people with a bill meant to hurt that specific group. Or as Winn helpfully explained to WDAF-TV:

“I felt that it was an example of institutional racism because it targeted a select group, it in essence just shut them off for any future chances of higher education.”

Here’s the video via WDAF.

It sounds like Winn hit the nail on the head when she slammed the GOP anti-immigration bill as racist. And clearly, Kansas Republicans knew they had a bad bill that would indeed embarrass the state of Kansas, adding to the laundry list of embarrassments the state is already suffering. From attacking the poor, to gutting education funding, to ruining the state economy, and attacking women’s rights, Republicans have made Kansas a national punchline and it’s actually rather shocking that they didn’t pass the bill anyway.

Nevertheless, it appears that for now, Republicans are putting their racist attacks on Latinos on hold so they can begin a racist attack on one of their black colleagues. Sounds like they are doing a really good job demonstrating how “not racist” they are.

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