S.C. GOP State Rep.: It’s Time To Take The Confederate Flag Down (VIDEO)

Something miraculous has happened in the wake of the horrific massacre at the historically black Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. As the city of Charleston, the state of South Carolina, and the nation grieve, mourn, and try to make sense of what has happened, another debate surrounding racism has been re-ignited: Whether or not the Confederate battle flag should continue to fly on the state house grounds. Well, in the wake of this heated and emotionally and racially charged debate, those of us who see that flag for the symbol of hate, racism, segregation, and slavery that it is have found an unlikely ally in the form of South Carolina GOP State Representative  Norman “Doug” Brannon.

Rep. Brannon explained to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes of All In that it is time for the flag to go. He said that he lost a friend in State Senator Pinckney, simply because he was a black man. It is extremely refreshing to hear this from a GOP state representative, considering the fact that his colleagues in the Republican Party, particularly those who are running for president in 2016, are dancing around the issue and flat-out refusing to acknowledge that this whole tragic event was rooted in the racist views of an unhinged right-wing white supremacist.

Jeb Bush said, quote, “I don’t know” if the attack was racially motivated. Rick Santorum said it was an attack on Christians, not on black people. Lindsey Graham’s racist past has come out, and he isn’t doing much to apologize for it. To that end, Rep. Brannon’s words are more than refreshing, and, even more so is the fact that he actually plans to introduce and sponsor legislation that will have the flag removed from the state house grounds permanently.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. That flag is a symbol of racist hate, and is used by racists everywhere to remind people what the Confederacy was all about, and that many people still view black Americans as inferior to white Americans.

Rep. Brannon is right. If you want to speed things along with the flag’s removal, keep up the public pressure. Join the voices in the #TakeItDown hashtag on twitter, and sign the Moveon.org petition asking for the flag to be taken down from the state house grounds.

Watch video of Rep. Brannon’s statements, below, courtesy of MSNBC:

Featured image: video screen capture via MSNBC