Bill O’Reilly’s White Hood Is Showing — Said Confederate Flag ‘Represents Bravery’ (VIDEO)

On Monday night’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly unapologetically defended the Confederate Rebel flag and everything it stands for.

O’Reilly went on and on about how much he thinks racism is being talked about too much, and how liberals are just basically making sh*t up to get people angry. It’s all much to do about nothing, really, according to the Fox News host.

However, here’s the thing — a racist is never going to acknowledge racism. They aren’t going to admit to something being overtly racist. Such as, the Confederate Rebel flag. In fact, they will likely defend it. Just as O’Reilly did.

When one of O’Reilly’s commentators, Juan Williams, who was previously agreeing that liberals are going overboard in calling racist things racist, opened up about how he felt about the Confederate flag, O’Reilly stood strong to defend it, and explained why.

Williams said:

“You know, I just wanted to say we are having a difficult conversation here this evening. But I just wanted to end on this note. You saw Mitt Romney say we should take that flag down.”

O’Reilly chimed in:

“The Confederate flag.”

Williams concurred:

“The Confederate flag, symbol of hate. You saw people like Tim Scott, Reverend Goff, the man who spoke in the church yesterday. They talked about he wanted a race war and, in fact, somehow, this is bringing black and white people together. I think we sometimes don’t celebrate when people come together.”

However, O’Reilly was having none of that. He doesn’t think of the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate whatsoever. He said:

“That’s a positive and I just — got to go. You say the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and you believe that.”

Williams agreed:

“That’s the way I feel when I see it.”

For a brief moment, you almost thought O’Reilly was going to respect Williams feelings about the flag, but instead said:

“Okay, okay. And absolutely 100 percent legitimate. For some other people who see it in a historical context…”

Where a baffled Williams replied:

“What’s the historical context?”

Then O’Reilly went full racist, and said:

“It represents bravery.”

Williams, in disbelief, said:

“Oh, get out of town.”

O’Reilly reiterated:

“In war.”

Williams then tried to stop O’Reilly in his tracks by saying:

“They put it up in anger when they were trying to mass resist the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s.”

Which is absolutely true, and only serves to solidify the racist undertones of the flag. However, O’Reilly doubled down:

“You know as well as I do that it represents, to some, bravery in the Civil War because the Confederates fought hard… But that’s what it represents. You’re right historically, but in their minds, that’s what it represents. And in your mind it represents hate. So, and everybody should know what the two sides are believing.”

And O’Reilly obviously stands on the side that believes black people should still be property of white people and not treated as equals, which perfectly explains his hatred for President Obama.

The flag represents a moment in history when half the nation threw a hissy fit, seceded, and decided they would rather be traitors than be loyal to their nation, all over the right to own black people as property. The flag has nothing to do with “Southern pride” unless “Southern pride” means “proud to be a racist.” The flag has nothing to do with “bravery” unless “bravery” means “being a traitor to the United States and fighting for the right to own people as property.”

O’Reilly isn’t even thinly veiling his racism anymore, it’s out there in the wide open.

Video via Media Matters/Featured image via Wikimedia Commons