Religious Bigot Pat Robertson Attacks Wiccans. Again.

On Wednesday’s edition of the Christian show¬†700 Club, Pat Robertson went full tin foil. Yes, again. When a viewer wrote in to ask about his Wiccan neighbors, Pat jumped straight into judgmental mode.

The viewer wrote:

“A family that recently moved into my neighborhood claims to be Wiccan. I have heard from my son some of the things their daughter told him, and it really kind of frightened me to hear about spells and other concepts I’ve never heard of in the Bible. Should I let my son be friends with their daughter? Should I try to be friends with the family. I’m so unsure. What is the Christian things to do? — Nick”

The Christian thing to do would be not to judge others. But Pat can’t help himself. He has previously told a woman to cut off her mother-in-law who read palms because she was “Mrs. Devil.” Then you may remember his comment about feminists leaving their husbands, killing their children, practicing witchcraft, destroying capitalism and becoming lesbians. He has a history of…well, histrionics when it comes to Wicca.

He told “Nick” that the Old Testament said not to “intermarry” with “them” or give your sons or daughters to “them.” I’m pretty sure the OT never once mentioned Wicca. According to Deuteronomy, “them” are idolaters. Now, while many Wiccans do keep statues of gods and goddesses, not all do. And those who do, don’t actually worship the statues. So we ain’t “them.”

Pat goes on to say that “Nick’s” Wiccan neighbors will “corrupt” him. Wiccans don’t proselytize. We do not try to convert people. We are secure in our own beliefs and assume that others are the same. We will certainly answer questions about our beliefs but not with missionary intent. We don’t want everyone to believe as we do, just that they respect our right to do so. So, no, we will not “corrupt” anyone merely by living next door.

“They say that these are ‘white’ witches versus ‘black’ witches. There’s no such thing as a good witch. It’s all demonic. You don’t want your children involved in that stuff… it is real. But it’s real wrong… you’re not permitted to go into their houses.. they may seem to be very pleasant people… but they will destroy your children.”

This man has no understanding of what either Wicca or Christianity really are. Re-read that vitriol Pat spewed again, only substitute “witch” with “Christian.” Or “Jew.” This sort of literal demonization of Wicca — of witches, really, going back further in history — has been going on ever since Christianity took over the Western world.

As any historian knows, the first thing a new religion must do is demonize the old. And the Christian Church did a magnificent job of smearing the old pagan faiths (then stealing their traditions, which they overlay with their own religion). Those old religions are the basis of Wicca today. Stop for just a moment and think about who was actually doing the majority of the destroying, the killing, the burning, the murdering. The Christian church. The Inquisition lied about what the people they scapegoated as “witches” did. Sort of an early Fox News. Many of those lies are still haunting us today.

Pat Robertson is a superstitious old jackass. His fealty to a book — indeed, the part of it that is not actually Christian — over people is sick. Wiccans are no different from anyone else. We want to live our lives, be successful, do what we love, raise children who hold our values and allow others to do the same. Pat has denied “Nick” a chance to look at life through a different pair of eyes, which is how we learn. Pat would prefer his viewers to be stupid and narrow-mined. Like him.

Here’s the clip:

Featured image via video screen capture provided by Right Wing Watch