RWNJ Bryan Fischer Says: ‘6/26 Is Now Our 9/11’ Because SCOTUS Is ‘Rainbow Jihadists’ (TWEETS)

As much of the country celebrates the historic Supreme Court ruling that has brought marriage equality to the United States, a few people aren’t quite so happy.

Right-wing nut-job and American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer is one of those guys. Oh my, he is REALLY full of some piss and vinegar today.

Upon the announcement, he took to Twitter penning brutish tweets calling June 26 “their” (presumably his and other right-wing nut-jobs) September 11 and calling the SCOTUS “Rainbow Jihadists.”

No, seriously, he really did. We can’t make this deplorable stuff up.



Because two men or two women sharing their life in love and happiness in legal matrimony is absolutely comparable to the worst terror attack on U.S. soil in history. A terror attack committed by religious extremists that snuffed out the lives of 2,977 innocent people and harmed countless others.

In more disgraceful tweets, he continues to use words like “twin towers” and “blown up” and “rainbow jihadists” to describe the events surrounding a day in which millions of citizens have had their right to love and marry recognized by the country in which they live, work, pay taxes, and pursue happiness.



Of course, his diatribe of hate couldn’t be complete without his interpretation of what “God” deems an abomination and the current talking point about “religious liberty.” Because, you know, some how people living their lives, receiving all the benefits spouses receive in matrimony somehow impacts how he will worship his “God.”

Surely this whole “religious liberty” thing will soon pass when they see that they can still peddle their brand of crazy without anyone stopping them. They just can’t be permitted to legislate it.


He continued his abominable tweets with what could be considered a treasonous statement. Although, the only foreign nations or groups I can think of that would carry out acts “as the rod of God’s wrath” would be those that oppose marriage equality and the recognition of human rights similarly to him: Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, ISIS. . .


Can this guy really be serious? Oh but wait, it gets better, well worse. (Hint: he is serious, unfortunately). In addition to these disgraceful tweets, he also wrote a loathsome article titled “Rainbow Jihadists of SCOTUS. . . ” in which he included all of this and more.

He writes:

“On this day, June 26, 2015, five justices of the Supreme Court became moral jihadists who blasted the twin pillars of truth and righteousness into rubble. They did this by imposing sodomy-based marriage on the United States through an act of judicial tyranny.”

Why is it these guys only define love and marriage by the sex within a marriage? Are their marriages so superficial, so shallow, that all they see them as is an end to a means? Sex. If so, that in itself is tragic and I feel deeply sorry that they don’t see the beauty in love and partnership, companionship and intimacy which can be found in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

It doesn’t stop there though. He continues:

“We the people have ceased to be our own rulers and are now serfs on a plantation run by cultural elites wearing black robes who use their gavels like the slaveholders of old used whips, to lash uppity social conservatives into abject submission.”

This is quite ironic. It is irony, right? The fact that this man feels as though he is being persecuted and oppressed by being told he can no longer be the persecutor or oppressor. It is just mind-boggling. Marriage equality no more places this man in a position of slavery than my neighbor eating a salad makes me a vegetarian.

He then drones on about supporting Ted Cruz and restoring “moral sanity to America’s public policy.” Whatever.

I will not allow the views of narrow-minded individuals to squelch even a smidgen of the joy I feel for my friends, my family, my children, and my country. These folks lost. Humanity won. Eventually they will grow tired of throwing the temper tantrums of petulant children and will give up up or run out of breath. Either way, it’s all good today.

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