South Carolina Confederate Flag Came Down – Woman Climbs Pole And Tears It Down (VIDEO/IMAGES)

With heated debate over whether or not the Confederate rebel flag should come off the flag pole in front of the South Carolina State Capitol, one woman has taken it upon herself to get up there and do it herself.

While it would’ve been nice for the state to immediately recognize the error of their ways, an African-American woman named Bree Newsome was tired of waiting, and really, who can blame her? The flag needed to go.





She apparently climbed up the pole, and then when she was half way up, the State Capitol police demanded she come back down. She didn’t stop though. Rather, she kept going, and going… until she reached the top, where she took the flag off the pole, and THEN came back down.

Once reaching the bottom, she was subsequently arrested along with a man who was helping her. They had both entered through a fence that is there to protect the flag.

Video via YouTube

Unfortunately, the flag will be going back up later in the afternoon since the flag is actually protected under state law in South Carolina. Yep, that’s how much South Carolina cherishes their bigotry.

It would seem there is going to be a “support rally” for the Confederate flag in the afternoon, state authorities will quickly be putting their hatred flag back up on the pole in time for racism to be worshiped again.

It really doesn’t get more disgusting than having a state, especially the first state that decided to be traitors and secede from the union, deciding they are still going to be assholes and promote their love for owning people as property. And how they seem to wish that they could go back to the days of yore when treating black people as only 3/5 of a person was the accepted thing to do. Or how they still don’t believe black people should have the right to vote. Or how after the death of nine black people in a church by a white supremacist who worshiped the Confederate flag, people still see fit to want the flag there. It’s deplorable.

It’s time for that flag to come down… and stay down.


Eager to continue to be racist, South Carolina already put the flag back up.

All images via Twitter