This Week In Bad Christianity: Huckabee, Heritage Foundation, And Gun Owners Of America

What is bad Christianity? It’s using a religion that’s supposed to be about peace and love to justify hate. It’s calling yourself a Christian, and then pushing for oppression of one group or another.

With the Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex marriage is protected under the 14th Amendment, along with the ongoing fallout from Caitlyn Jenner’s revelation, and the Charleston shooting, it has been a “banner” week for bad Christianity. Here are this week’s top 5 examples:

1. Mike Huckabee says converting to Christianity solves racism

This gets a big, huge, “What the actual F**K,” because the religious right loves to use Christianity as an excuse to discriminate. Christianity used to be used to justify bans on interracial marriage, and “separate, but equal.” Of course, Huckabee believes that a black man as president means racism doesn’t exist anymore.

He also believes that people who love his god cannot possibly be racist, because his god is love, and love means no racism (or homophobia, or sexism…yeah, right. Excuse us while we vomit). Loving his god makes you colorblind, so everything’s great!

Except that’s probably one of the more racist things that anybody can say, because claiming color blindness is to ignore and dismiss the real, lived experiences of people of color. Understanding that racism is still a thing, and fighting against it, doesn’t mean doubling down on religious beliefs that will supposedly make you “colorblind,” and therefore, make everyone equal. It means understanding and accepting the fact that people of color have different experiences here than white people. Religion alone can’t change that, and a true Christian would know that.

2. Erick Erickson, of Red State, says Caitlyn Jenner is responsible for Charleston massacre

Erick Erickson is no stranger to controversy, which he manufactures by taking things that really happened, and running off in a very bad direction with them. The reason that Caitlyn Jenner is responsible for the Charleston shooting is, in Erickson’s eyes, because she and other transgender people make it so we can’t have a real conversation about mental health issues in this country.

The problem here is not that society is beginning to call mental illness “normal.” It’s the idea that everything that doesn’t fall into the religious right’s narrow view of “normal” is a mental illness. That includes being transgender. Erickson has previously said things like gay-friendly businesses are aiding and abetting the “sin of homosexuality,” meaning that gay people need to learn to live their lives according to his beliefs, and businesses should follow suit and stamp out the “gay agenda.”

Obviously, the “sin” of being LGBTQ will just go away if we stop accepting these people, and start stoning them in the streets, as any good, god-fearing Christian would.

3. Speaking of transgender people being responsible for the Charleston shooting…

Erich Pratt, of Gun Owners of America, also said that accepting transgender people caused the Charleston shooting. To be sure, Pratt is an ammosexual gun nut who wants to deflect discussion of that massacre away from guns. However, what Pratt actually said is that acceptance of transgender people means we have no absolute right and wrong here. No absolute right and wrong means that we all decide what our own right and wrong are, which obviously means that Dylann Roof decided he was doing something right when he murdered nine black people in a church. That would never have happened if the government gave an absolute definition of right and wrong, and stuck to it in all cases, including whether we should accept transgender people as they are.

Pratt never actually comes out and says that the “proper” morals to teach are Christian morals, but that’s the implication. If we’d just teach the bigoted version of Christianity that he and the rest of the religious right follows, all our problems will magically disappear, because we can just legislate all the sinners away! What could possibly be more Christian than that?

4. Breitbart says the LGBTQ Pride flag is just as fascist as the Confederate flag is racist

On Jun. 23, John Nolte, a writer for the right-wing site, Breitbart, penned a piece about how we need to take down the “fascist, anti-Christian gay-pride flag.” He said that the rainbow flag is dishonestly called the “gay pride” or “gay ‘rights'” flag, because it really just fosters hate and intolerance against Christians.

The religious right loves to scream that anything for which they’re called out is hate, intolerance, and proof that they’re suffering persecution. At the same time, they claim that the so-called “homosexual agenda” amounts to tyranny, specifically against them, and must be stopped at all costs. Their whole message is designed to make people fear the LGBTQ community. It’s the opposite of what Christianity is actually supposed to teach about love and tolerance, and walking in Jesus Christ’s footsteps as much as possible.

If Christianity is about love and tolerance, and ministering on that basis, then the religious right is the worst example of that. Stay tuned next week, for more in bad Christianity.

5. Ryan T. Anderson, of the Heritage Foundation, responds to the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality

The first thing Anderson said in response to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, in The Daily Signal, was that it represents a considerable setback for people who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, self-government, and the sacred idea that marriage is only between a man and a woman. This is nothing more than judicial activism, according to Anderson, and they got the Constitution just as wrong there as they did when they ruled on Roe v. Wade 42 years ago.

By all means, let’s compare marriage equality to this inane idea that we’re murdering children left and right! Of course Anderson would say something like that. Anything to make marriage equality sound evil. This is a man who also believes that a majority of Americans want to define marriage “correctly,” though, so what can we really expect.

He goes on to parrot the typical argument of the religious right – that marriage exists for the benefit of children, and therefore must necessarily remain between a man and a woman. That, however, is just an excuse Christians use to try to remain up on their pedestal of Right, Good and True™ ways of thinking.

These idiots need someone to be superior to. It didn’t work with black people, and now it’s not working with the LGBTQ community, and they’re getting scared. Against whom can they discriminate now? Oh, wait, they’ll become the horribly persecuted minority they claim they already are.

Featured image by Rika Christensen/Liberalistics