Top 5 Stupid Things Pseudo-Christians Said This Week

Welcome to our new weekly feature. Every week we will choose five of the stupidest things said by pseudo-Christians to share with you. We wade through the muck so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

This week, there was a conference held at the Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego. The host, Jim Garlow, called it the “Future Conference” in honor of Christians ruling in the future. There were several guest speakers but a couple really stood out in the crazy department.

† Frank Schubert, National Organization for Marriage political director, has a vision, bless his heart. He sees everyone praying and fighting and bombarding the gates of…Heaven? To make God do what they want? Sounds like someone is having delusions of grandeur:

“As is patently obvious, this is a spiritual battle. We need the intercession of every prayer warrior, every angel, and certainly the Holy Spirit. We must bombard the gates of Heaven ceaselessly for God Almighty to reverse our tragic cultural course and restore marriage to the venerable and beautiful institution that He did create.”

Troy Newman, the head of Operation Rescue, took a break from his anti-abortion rhetoric to turn on some anti-same-sex-marriage rhetoric for the crowd:

“The redefinition of marriage, sociologically, will be profoundly destructive, profoundly harming. The Regnerus report out of the University of Texas is going to be only one of many examples of many that will follow that are going to show the catastrophic consequences, the pain, the suffering inflicted on the human race by this redefinition of marriage.”

Okay, first of all, there is no “redefinition” of marriage going on. Marriage is what it always has been; a voluntary contract between two citizens who are legally able to enter into one. That is what marriage is and has pretty much always been. As far as suffering goes… Massachusetts has had marriage equality for over 10 years and, so far, the straight marriages seem to be doing fine. Well, if they were in the first place. Listen, if seeing another couple happy ruins your marriage, the problem is not the other couple’s happiness. Second that Regnerus report has been debunked. Move along.

Franklin Graham had a thing or two to say this week. Mostly about President Obama:

“President Barack Obama was right about one thing in the speech he gave at a Gay Pride event he hosted in the White House yesterday. He said, ‘There has been an incredible shift in attitudes across the country.’ That’s true—but it is definitely not a shift for the good of America. The shift in attitudes he refers to is the moral decline we are seeing manifest daily around us. Accepting wrong as right—accepting sin as something to be proud of. Yes, that’s definitely a shift.”

Let’s examine this concept of “sin” for a moment. The whole idea was cooked up by the priestly class as a way to whip the locals into shape and make them behave. This particular sin of which Mr Graham speaks, is a sin that belongs to monotheistic religion almost exclusively. This “moral decline” is not seen in the love of two people of the same gender, it is seen in the refusal of so-called Christians to do what Christ told them to do. The moral decline is not treating one another like human beings. Look in that mirror, Mr. Graham.

On to poor, almost senile Pat Robertson, who talked some smack about my own religion this week:

“They say that these are ‘white’ witches versus ‘black’ witches. There’s no such thing as a good witch. It’s all demonic. You don’t want your children involved in that stuff… it is real. But it’s real wrong… you’re not permitted to go into their houses.. they may seem to be very pleasant people… but they will destroy your children.”

Most of what I wanted to say, I wrote in that article. But, just for good measure, let me say that I have known many people who call themselves Wiccan and many who say they are Christian. Almost without exception the kindest, most accepting, caring, giving people are Wiccan.

Lastly, this week, we come to another topic of which I know plenty. The Westboro Baptist Church was talking smack this week, too. And they aimed it at three of the nicest, most giving guys in the world:

“RUSH, the cursed God-haters who hail from the doomed land of Canada finally made the cover of Rolling Stone after 41 years. Yes, that same sodomite-loving Canada that passed draconian laws making it a crime to preach the gospel! What does this have to do with the rock band RUSH, you ask? Inasmuch that they have a platform, of any kind, they should have been boldly outspoken against the grievous, national sins of Canada: same-sex marriage, sex trafficking & the outlawing of gospel preaching. In addition, Toronto is their hometown, famously known for its rabidly proud fag community.”

Rabidly proud? Damn skippy! Toronto is one of the coolest cities in North America and that’s part of the reason. This banning of preaching the gospel in this blithering rant refers to televangelist Charles McVety, who was banned from Canada’s airwaves because they have standards for their television. The CBC banned his entire network for its lies about gays.

The WBC says that it will be picketing the Rush concert in Kansas City at the Sprint Center on July 9. As a proud member of the Rush community, I have been in touch with my fellows and what they have planned is brilliant. They are going to line up opposite the WBC and sing “Closer To The Heart” at the top of their lungs. Because the sort of hate that the WBC practices can only be nullified with love.

That’s this week’s line-up of stupidity courtesy of the pseudo-Christians. If you have any suggestions in the future, please send me a Tweet @Madwomanmoon by Thursday night. Thank you and have a great weekend!