Cop Arrested For Lying About Spit In His Drink (VIDEO)

A New Mexico police officer is facing a long list of criminal charges, after he confessed to lying about a fast food worker spitting in his drink.

Officer Christopher Ray Moreno is charged with false reporting, malicious criminal prosecution, and tampering with evidence, among other crimes. The charges stem from false allegations made by Moreno, who claimed that a 20-year-old Sonic employee, whom Moreno had previously arrested for petty crimes, had spit in his beverage.

According to the arrest warrant, Moreno went to the Sonic where Isaac Briseno is employed, although he was on duty in another police district at the time. Moreno ordered an Ocean Water beverage, which was served to him by Briseno. After leaving the restaurant, he went back to the police station, where he asked other officers if it was a crime for someone to spit in a drink.

Moreno then showed them a cell phone picture that he had taken of his cup, which appeared to show spit and phlegm floating on the top. A swab confirmed that there was phlegm and saliva in the drink.

A person caught spitting in someone’s food or beverage can be charged with a number of crimes ranging from assault to distributing a tainted substance. Depending on the charge, the sentence can be as much as 20 years in prison.

The cops began a full-fledged investigation, shutting down the Sonic restaurant and questioning Briseno and his girlfriend, who both handled Moreno’s drink. However, surveillance footage of the two employees did not show them tampering with the cop’s drink.

Moreno was questioned by a fellow officer, who told him that “it didn’t look good,” and said that if he was trying to “jam the kid up” he understood. Moreno quickly admitted to spitting in his own drink.

After being caught red-handed in his own lie, Moreno resigned from the Roswell police department. Before turning in his patrol car, however, it seems he forgot to clean out a bunch of stolen “evidence.” While inventorying the patrol car, cops turned up meth and meth pipes, syringes, bath salts, marijuana pipes, a citizen’s personal ID, property that was reported stolen from a Target store in January and numerous other items that should not have been in Moreno’s patrol car.

He faces additional charges of larceny, receiving stolen property, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Here’s more from KRQE in Roswell:

What saved Briseno from a possible 20 year prison sentence was the surveillance video, set up by his employer. As we have seen time and time again, video cameras are the best tool citizens have when it comes to protecting themselves from corrupt cops. When it’s just a person’s word against that of a cop, the cop will almost certainly get the benefit of the doubt, especially against someone like Briseno, who has a criminal record.

During an interview with KOB, Briseno said he felt embarrassed by the false accusations and harassed by the officer. He said:

“I would never do that to nobody because I wouldn’t want it done to me.”

If only cops had the same kind of empathy and morality.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture KRQE in Roswell, New Mexico.