Meet The Wisconsin Conservative Busted For Threatening To Kill President Obama (SCREENSHOTS)

On Friday, 55-year-old Brian Dennis Dutcher was arrested for threatening to kill the President. According to a criminal complaint, as President Obama was knocking Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker down a peg or nine, Dutcher was telling a security guard at a La Crosse library:

“The usurper is here and if I get a chance I’ll take him out and I’ll take the shot.”

This chilling remark was not an idle threat. A June 30 Facebook post also spoke of a plan to murder Obama.

During a rant about the gays getting married — or “embracing the devil,” as this conservative Christian puts it, he urged those who don’t support equality to “join the fight” against a government that has “declaired war on us.” Explaining that he “excepts” [sic] their challenge, he urged his fellow conservatives to “find them and shoot them on sight or shut up.”

“The time for talk is over. it is time for action,” he wrote. “IT IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO TAKE ACTION!”

“I have been praying on going to D.C. for 3 months and now the upsurper is coming HERE. saving me a 800 mile trip,” Dutcher further explained. “Doing what I do for my daughter, so she can live free. pray for me to succeed in my mission.”


According to the warrant, a post that seems to have been deleted laid out the plan to kill the President:

“that’s it! Thursday I will be in La Crosse. Hopefully I will get a clear shot at the pretend president. Killing him is our CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY!”

After Dutcher was apprehended, he told a La Crosse detective that his threat was serious, and that  “he would not have said what he said if he didn’t intend to carry it out.”

In a comment on, a website that seems to be dedicated to family law reform, Dutcher answered a question if violence is the answer for family law reform, he explained that, “Yes, ‘violence’ does work at times, assuring fellow commenters that “We have an easy win if just a few more folks will come forward and they will in time.”


He has also threatened police on numerous occasions:






This is not the first time Dutcher has posted about finishing off the President. It’s been almost one year to the day since he posted this gem, wishing the Secret Service would “step out of the way long enough for someone to take the shot” — a suggestion eerily similar to Tucker Carlson’s claim that the President does not deserve Secret Service protection because Obama supports reasonable firearm regulations.


More recently, he suggested that “10-Life is to easy on him….Exucuted would be fair”:



And then there was this:



Of course, his profile is littered with far-right posts:

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But is he actually dangerous?

It’s not like he has been known to stockpile weapons and explosives, or anything…



Was Dutcher emboldened by white supremacist Dylann Roof’s horrific terrorist attack on a historic South Carolina church? Was Roof, whose goal in the mass shooting was to spark a new Civil War by killing a bunch of black people, one of the “few more folks” of whom Dutcher spoke?

Fortunately, Dutcher was nabbed before he was able to “exucute” his plan to murder the President. The bad news is that people like him are becoming more brave the longer they must deal with a black man in the White House. In 2012, West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center published a chilling report that showed the rise in right-wing violence in the first 11 years of the 21st century to be in the neighborhood of 400%.


“As can be seen, while there are variations over the years, the overall trend is very clear: from the early 1990s until 2008 there has been a clear increase in the number of attacks,” the report says. “Fourteen of the 21 years covered in this analysis witnessed more attacks than the previous year. Although in the 1990s the average number of attacks per year was 70.1, the average number of attacks per year in the first 11 years of the twenty-first century was 307.5, a rise of more than 400%.”

Perhaps, the President’s recent “f*ck it” attitude will lead to a crackdown on those who wish to do him harm. We, as a nation, have been making excuses for far-right, white Christian terrorists and would-be terrorists for far too long.

It’s time to end the insanity. Of course, the first step is calling them terrorists — something that we still have not done with Dylann Roof. Not in an official capacity, anyway. Baby steps.

Featured Image via CNN