Mike Huckabee: Josh Duggar Is Totally Forgivable For Molesting His Sisters (VIDEO)

Mike Huckabee thinks gay people are immoral threats to our children who should be discriminated against and that they belong in hell. But Josh Duggar molesting his sisters? That’s totally forgivable.

For the last week, we’ve heard Mike Huckabee throw temper tantrum after temper tantrum over the Supreme Court ruling same-sex marriage constitutional. Referring to the high court as an “imperial court,” Huckabee vowed to fight the decision until his bigoted brand of justice is law across the land.

To Huckabee, two consenting adults of the same gender getting married is an abomination that should be condemned in the name of God. However, when it comes to child molestation committed by one of his conservative “Christian” buddies, his tune changes.

During an interview on CNN with Jake Tapper on Sunday, Huckabee insisted that Josh Duggar’s juvenile criminal record was illegally obtained and continued to stand by his pedophile friend even as he denied he was actually standing by him.

“What I was standing by was the fact that there were innocent people, including his sisters and others, the victims, who were exposed, humiliated,” Huckabee opined. “And there was no sense in which their concerns and their own dignity was respected. I found that the process by which this was released, it was utterly illegal.

Huckabee touted his time as governor of Arkansas as proof that he’s right about how the documents were obtained by In Touch Weekly. The problem is that the magazine legally obtained the records by filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the Springdale Police Department, which had to comply as long as sensitive information about the victims was redacted, which is precisely the case. You can even see the copy In Touch received by clicking here.

In the end, Huckabee continued to stand by his pal and said Josh Duggar’s crimes, which he was never punished for under the law because his parents hid his crimes to help him escape prosecution, are not “unforgivable.”

“So was I standing by someone who did something wrong? No. I said that what he did was absolutely unconscionable, but nothing is unforgivable.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

The hypocrisy of Mike Huckabee is immeasurable. especially when you consider that he wants everyone to forgive a child molester and move on while he himself refuses to move on from his crusade against consenting gay and lesbian adults who have committed no crimes whatsoever. In addition, both Huckabee and the Duggars have portrayed gay people as a threat to children while supporting a real threat to children in their own camp.

And Huckabee is clearly going easy on Josh Duggar because they are both conservative “Christians” and their families are close friends, which is also hypocritical considering the harsh words Huckabee used when talking about director Roman Polanski in a 2009 op-ed for Fox News in which Huckabee demanded justice for Polanski’s victim and said there shouldn’t be different rules for certain people.

“Having different rules based on a person’s gender, ethnicity, religion or political party creates cynicism and distrust and precludes problem solving because it prohibits the trust necessary to work toward a solution,” Huckabee wrote.

“Some things are either right or wrong. It doesn’t matter who does them. When Hollywood hero Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl and then fled the country instead of facing the consequences of his own guilty plea, there should be no defense of him from anyone. What he did was evil and reprehensible. The fact that he is a great director doesn’t obscure the fact that he robbed a child of far more than Bernie Madoff stole from his victims.

What has our culture become when people can commit despicable criminal acts and yet get defended and excused because they are celebrities. If David Letterman takes advantage of subordinates who work for him, then it’s not funny, it’s pathetic and immoral. The audience shouldn’t laugh and applaud; they ought to walk out in disgust. And instead of actors and even governments seeking the release of Roman Polanski, they should be screaming for justice.”

Yet here Huckabee is now, defending Josh Duggar and forgiving him for committing “despicable criminal acts” while criticizing everyone else for “screaming for justice.”