GOP Responsible For 9 Murders – FBI Says Dylann Roof Should Have Failed Background Check

Contrary to initial reports, the FBI has now come to the conclusion that Dylann Roof should have failed a background check, and that there was no way he should have been allowed to own a gun.

FBI Director James Comey told reporters on Friday that the FBI made a clerical error in Roof’s paperwork, in part because of a breakdown in communication between police departments and county government. Comey said:

“This rips all of our hearts out;¬†we are all sick this happened.”

Now is the time for all of America to be sick that this happened. For years, reasonable people have pushed for common sense gun safety legislation, and for years those people have been met with the age-old argument that “only law-abiding citizens will be affected.”

Time and time again we as liberals have argued that if it could save just one life, prevent just one miscreant from getting a gun, stem the bleeding even just a little, wouldn’t the extra ten minutes of a law-abiding citizen’s day be worth it?

We tried to solve this problem after Newtown; Republicans blocked it.

After the senseless massacre in Newtown of all those innocent children and the teachers who tried to protect them, 90% of Americans agreed with and applauded efforts to increase the frequency of background checks, eliminate gun show, flea market and private sale exemptions, and make sure every single person restricted by law from owning a firearm would be prevented from doing so. The sponsors of the legislation even added a provision specifically forbidding the creation of any kind of national gun registry, and still the gun lobby prevailed, prompting the senators they own from allowing a vote on the issue.

All under the guise of not wanting a national gun registry.

Republicans have time and time again blocked any and all legislation allowing more comprehensive background checks. They say it won’t help. They say it’s a violation of our rights. They say the 2nd amendment was written by God.

Well now they have the blood of nine innocent parishioners from a church in South Carolina on their hands.

Their base will defend them, saying that Roof certainly would have found a way to get a gun, and if not, he surely would have murdered those people with forks, spoons and a swimming pool.

Once again a little common sense, a bit of social evolution and a whole lot less pandering to gun manufacturers who don’t want to lose the bottom line profit dollars they make from felons may have saved some lives.

Featured image via screen capture