Infamous Internet ‘Pastor’ Claims Guns Needed To Defend Against Gay Agenda (VIDEO)

With the legalization of same-sex marriage, our society may have made a major stride towards equality, but not everyone is taking it well. In fact, to a certain group of conservative Christians, the emphasis on tolerance represents an assault on the hate-fueled status quo they cling to. The results are a scared, heavily armed group of bigots who are watching their influence on America’s culture dissolve before their eyes. That’s made them dangerous.

Infamous internet “pastor” Joshua Feuerstein (his flock consists entirely of people who watch his “sermons” recorded on his phone that he posts on Facebook and YouTube) channeled the conservative Christian hostility towards the LGBT community in a disgusting, massively misinformed rant posted to social media and gaining traction with bigots across the country.

Feuerstein, you may recall, first rose to ignominious fame with an unintentionally hilarious video posted in 2014 that claimed he could “destroy evolution in 3 minutes!” – and then took 4-and-a-half minutes to fail at destroying evolution. Known for wearing a backwards red baseball cap and repeatedly breaking the 11th Commandment (“Thou shalt not record vertical videos on your phone.”), Feuerstein has since become a bit of an internet star within the creationist movement for his “takedowns” of science, liberalism, and, now, the “gay agenda.”

RANT: Gay Man files LAWSUIT to forcibly remove homosexuality from BIBLE .. Pastor THREATENED with ARREST if he doesnt marry SAME SEX COUPLES! #shareifyoucareFollow -> Michael Chitwood .. he is fighting for our rights!!!

Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Thursday, July 9, 2015


In his latest video, our creationist evangelical pastor claims the debate over same-sex marriage was not about same-sex marriage but has always been about gay people hoping to oppress Christians. To back up his claim, Feuerstein cites a conservative news story spreading around the web about a gay man who sued bible publishers to have homosexuality removed from the Bible – a story, as it turns out, that is both seven years old and not remotely similar to the way he describes it.

Unbeholden to reality, Feuerstein goes on:

“I remember telling you guys a long time ago that this was not about gay marriage and equality. I realize that a lot of people a couple of weeks ago said ‘Oh my word, this is about love wins, it’s about gay marriage, it’s about equal rights.’ This has never been about equal rights, because civil unions gave them equal rights. Here’s what it’s really about. It’s about ‘reconstitutionalizing’ a term so now it opens up the door for the left and the liberals to come after Christianity.”

So having “proven” liberals are coming after Christians because of gay marriage (in the same way he “proved” evolution wasn’t real in 3 minutes), Feuerstein declares it is time Christians protect their rights – and holds up a semi-automatic rifle to show how that might be done.


A bunch of religious fanatics who think they are being exterminated and who are egged on to fight back with firearms by an internet evangelical wearing a backwards baseball cap. What could go wrong?

Many of us who cheered on the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down same-sex marriage bans knew that there were so people who would take this new, more tolerant, world pretty badly, but it was hard to imagine things would go this badly – and so quickly. After all, the ability for gay and lesbian couples to marry one another has absolutely no effect on other people. In other words, when Adam and Steve get married it doesn’t mean Rick and Karen Santorum lose theirs (despite what Rick Santorum may have said in the past.) Instead, we have pastors promising to light themselves on fire, Alabama judges openly breaking the law, conservative Presidential candidates lamenting the war on Christians, and YouTube pastors waving around guns while ranting against a liberal conspiracy to destroy Christianity. There are even some indicators to suggest that anti-gay hate crimes are on the rise.

Charles Dickens comes to mind. When it comes to gay rights, it really is the best of times and the worst of times. We’ve made great progress, but there are those out there who feel like they’ve lost and that makes them extremely dangerous.

Feature image via Facebook screengrab