Westboro Baptist Picketers Epically Trolled At Kansas City Rush Concert (IMAGES)

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, the Westboro Baptist folks had set their sights on the July 9th Rush concert, in Kansas City, to set up one of their obnoxious pickets. Well, they did show up — sometimes they chicken out — and, boy, were they in for a surprise.

The first came when they realized just how many people were coming to see the R40 show, which was around 10,000. All of the shows have been packed, as this is rumored to be the band’s final tour. The WBC folks noted:

wbc tweet 1

Massive, indeed. The dig at singer/bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee was particularly egregious, as his parents survived the Nazi death camps and later emigrated to Canada. It also shows that the WBC is anti-Semitic, on top of all their other faults. Nice to know, file that away. Oh, and Rush didn’t even perform Freewill.

The WBC Twitter feed had one other Tweet referencing the picket outside Sprint Center, obviously from when they first set up:

wbc tweet 2

Oh, I just bet they thought that was sooooo clever. Note the dig at Canada, too.

One fan, posting in The Rush Forum, showed how little an impact the WBC folks had with a brief report about the event:

“They showed up. All was fine. The police even showed up, and were keeping them tame. All the RUSH fans were just snickering at them… “

By and large, the fans coming to the Center ignored the WBC picket, set up across the street from the entrance; but, one small group of fans stood across from the WBC folks and held up signs:

wbc at kc 1

Photo by Kelly D.

The sign says “I wasn’t BU2B” — a reference to the song Brought Up To Believe, which is less than complimentary about blind faith — “I choose Freewill.” The latter refers to the song, Freewill, which the WBC really, really doesn’t like. Well, the lyrics are pretty hard on the “ready guide in some celestial voice.” At the bottom of the sign seems to be a comment on where the WBC can go and rot.

One trio of fans decided that they just had to troll the WBC picket. Troll it hard. So, while their male companion took pictures, the two ladies stood right in front of the picket and….

The guy on the left....!

The guy on the left….! Photo by F.T. Boley

Look at that guy on the left. He looks like he doesn’t know what to do with himself (I’m sure any of us could tell him). The WBC folks tried real hard not to notice, but such a great show of love is hard to ignore. Much as marriage equality is hard to ignore, so are Rush fans. The WBC, on the other hand, was easily ignored by much of that massive crowd.

However, as a liberal, a Rush fan and a writer for this esteemed website, I just couldn’t ignore them. Because they are ugly; and their ugliness needs to be on display every time they show it. Whether it’s at a concert, or a trial, or — goddess help me — a funeral, they need to have the spotlight shone brightly on the twisted, spiteful thing that they call Christianity. It’s not. It’s hate. And we must always denounce it.

Featured image via WBC on Twitter