Israel Wants ‘Compensation’ For The Iran Deal – Because $3 Billion A Year Isn’t Enough

Israel’s response to the nuclear deal with Iran is about what was expected. Benjamin Netanyahu is stomping around like a toddler who missed his nap, denouncing the terms long before he could have possibly taken the time to read them. Much like a toddler, who will make a scene at the store with the agenda of getting something he wants, Netanyahu has begun what will surely be sixty days of keywords and talking points aimed at sparking an emotional response from right-wing extremists both in Israel and in the U.S. while Congress discusses its options.

He doesn’t have to worry about the U.S. The deal was struck by the Obama administration, meaning to the GOP base, especially the extreme and fringe right, it’s bad. Very, very bad. They have neither the intelligence nor the desire to seek the available information to understand the deal, so they will revert to “it supports Muslims,” and will ultimately result in a Mullah occupying the White House.

Bibi knows the deal will pass. His antics are nothing but showmanship.