TLC Finally Dumps ’19 Kids And Counting’

After two months of internal debate over keeping the pro-child molesting Duggars on the air, TLC has finally come to their senses and cancelled the controversial ’19 Kids and Counting’. While the reality show was a huge ratings hit, the potential cost of keeping it on the air clearly outweighed the benefit:

The series “will no longer appear on the air,” the network told the Associated Press on Thursday. TLC said it has joined with two prominent child-protection organizations to raise awareness about child sexual abuse with an hour-long documentary that will air next month.

The outrage from the “Christian” right will be swift and loud but let’s take a moment to recall exactly who they’re defending.

The Duggars are part of a cult called the “Quiverfull movement” that treats women as little more than broodmares. Their job is to utterly submit to the men in their lives and to pump out as many children as possible (but only after marriage, even holding hands before exchanging vows is naughty). That having 19 children is a form of child abuse in and of itself is immaterial. God has commanded them to be fruitful blablabla.

It was in this climate of patriarchal sexual repression that Josh Duggar decided to fondle several young girls, most of whom were his sisters (just to make it extra icky). And just so we’re clear, we’re not talking about a little boy playing “Doctor” with a little girl. He was 14 and one of the girls was 5.

His devout “Christian” parents, more concerned with the gravy train of their fame then with the well-being of their daughters (who are worth less than a son, anyway), covered the whole thing up. They even have the girls Josh molested convinced that they weren’t victimized in the slightest. Because, you know, Jesus.

THAT’S who the right-wing will be defending when they start screaming about liberal persecution and Christian oppression. But unlike the racism and anti-gay bigotry that right-wing reality stars can spew with impunity, child molestation is intolerable to far too much of the country. Even the attempts of the conservative media to make the Duggars into the victims of a liberal conspiracy fell flat.

TLC did not cover itself in glory waiting this long to see if the public would overlook the Duggar’s disgusting behavior but at least they finally did the right thing. As for the Duggars themselves? I wouldn’t be too concerned for their financial future. I’m sure they’re ready to cash in big time on their martyrdom. Just like Jesus would have wanted them to.