Texas Jade Helm Leader: ‘Liberals Are Useless – Can’t Wait To Kill Thousands Of These F*cks’ (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Pete Lanteri, the notorious and “hot-headed” leader of Counter Jade Helm Texas, is making news again. He apparently was so upset by having to shut down his original Facebook page due to “too many liberal trolls” that he thought it’d be a good idea to vent his frustration by threatening liberals everywhere. This is just the kind of crazy behavior you’d expect from a guy who organized a group with a mission statement that read: “The sole purpose of Counter Jade Helm is to observe the attempted infiltration of our towns.” He also said:

“I can’t wait to kill thousands of these f*cks man!”

He was confronted about it on Fox News Radio by host Alan Colmes, and claims he was just having a “bad couple of days.” He allegedly just came  back from cremating his dog and his co-founder, William Silaghi, had just quit because he “couldn’t take the pressure from the liberal media.”

Well, guess what? The post was never deleted. It’s still on his Facebook. You can visit it HERE. If he made the statement due to a short temper, then he would have the courtesy of removing it.

It’s possible that shortly after publishing this article Pete could change it, or restrict his Facebook settings on his account. But, for right now all information is public domain, and it remains unchanged. Regardless, the damage is already done, and it doesn’t matter because a screen shot of the comment has been made available for all read here.

Pic via Facebook.

Pic via Facebook.

This isn’t the first time Addicting Info has covered a story on Counter Jade Helm or Pete Lanteri. To view that article, entitled “Thousands of Texas, Fearful of Obama, Prepare for ‘The Worst’ – Organize ‘Citizen Watch,’ “visit HERE.

We updated the original story to reflect Pete and his ex-partner shutting down their site, shortly after Addicting Info listed links to all the group’s information, but we didn’t continue ongoing coverage, until now. The “hot-headed” statement calling for the death of thousands of liberals was posted on July 12, only a few hours after we published our article. It’s very well possible (in fact, it’s almost certain) that Pete was referring to Addicting Info’s readers who clicked the original links and trolled the Counter Jade Helm page.

We’re happy that you didn’t really mean it, Pete. We love you.

You’re still an American, after all. And, we don’t leave anyone behind, even Texas. If Obama does invade Texas, or you uncover a secret cell phone operation on Americans that is happening behind our backs, then we owe you BIG TIME. What would us liberals do, without people like you to protect us? We mean, that is, when you’re not mad at us and threatening to kill us.

We shouldn’t be too surprised about these outbursts, though. Just trolling Pete and his Counter Jade Helm pals for two minutes tells you everything you need to know. These upstanding Americans are prone to losing their cool, and it’s not just because their “dog was just cremated.”

Here is the post of Pete venting earlier about his buddy and co-founder turning tail on him:

Pic via Facebook.

Pic via Facebook.

Pete also had his Facebook page suspended for 7 days for another post reportedly talking about “militant f*gs.”  He took up the name Fred G. Sanford so he wouldn’t be without access to the site.

Pete makes it very well known the kind of company he keeps. And, he’s not shy about it. This image of a police badge saying “I stand by Police officer Darren Wilson” can be seen on his Facebook page. In the comments section, he called for all his friends to make it their main profile pic in order to “piss off all the libs on your list!!!”

Pic via Facebook.

Pic via Facebook.

Meanwhile, people in Texas are losing their minds. Some are burying their guns to keep the military from confiscating it. Wait, what? That doesn’t make any sense. You can’t use it if it’s buried, sweetheart. We won’t even go into that. Another guy purchased 20,000 rounds of ammunition. Best stock up while you can before Obama cuts off your supply.

Pete Lanteri might think he is doing a public good by supplying an outlet for people to vent their worries, but he’s really just fueling the paranoia – especially when he “hot-headedly” called for the deaths of thousands of liberals everywhere.

Listen to Pete try to explain away his behavior on Fox News Radio:

Featured image via Facebook.