General Wesley Clark: ‘Disloyal Americans Need To Be Put Into Camps, Segregated From Society’ (VIDEO)

Retired Four-Star General Wesley Clark thinks “disloyal Americans” need to be sent away to special camps to “segregate them from society.” He’s referring to people like the Chattanooga shooter, who just shot and killed four Marines and One Navy sailor. What makes his comments so appalling, though, is there’s simply no evidence that the shooter, who happens to be Muslim, did this because of his religion or that he was even “radicalized.”

In fact, Mohammod Abdulazeez showed no outward signs of radicalization at all and even struggled with being a devout Muslim. The FBI has devoted a significant amount of resources to the case, but so far they have produced very little to warrant General Clark’s claims.  All they can seem to find out about Mohammod is that he was suffering many of the same problems a lot of Americans face on a continual basis, i.e., debt problems, and drug and alcohol abuse.

The fact that he has an ethnic name and is a Muslim seems to make him a “terror threat,” though.

General Clark is stepping into some pretty slippery and downright scary territory by calling for the need for ‘Internment Camps,’ especially in context to this particular scenario.

What he doesn’t mention is who would qualify as “disloyal.”

Does he mean to say, anyone that talks negatively about the war against ISIS (because that goes against freedom of speech) or just people who do crazy things, in general? And, just how long should we keep these “suspicious people” locked up? He says “for as long as there remains a threat,” but that could be forever.

The retired General isn’t the only one saying that we need to return to the same policies that were used back in WWII when America detained Japanese and German-Americans. Franklin Graham posted on his Facebook page one day after the Chattanooga shooting that Muslims should be banned from entering the country entirely.

pic via Facebook.

pic via Facebook.

This type of rhetoric is un-American and disrespects the thousands of Muslim-Americans serving in our military today. 

Since 9/11, Muslim-Americans have been instrumental in helping the U.S. combat terrorism with their highly sought after language and cultural skills. The military has even been offering hefty sign-up bonuses and expedited paths to citizenship to increase their enlistment numbers under the Army’s “09 Lima” program. There are also an estimated 3 to 8 million Muslims living in America today. That’s a large group. It’s counterproductive to try to isolate a large segment of society when a young Muslim man, unaffiliated with any official groups, takes it upon himself to shoot some Americans. If that were the case, Christians, and white supremacist groups would be the first to go into these so-called ‘Internment Camps.’ According to Mother Jones, “Since 1982, there have been at least 70 mass shootings across the country. Forty-four of the killers were white males.”

General Clark’s statements simply do not reflect what America is about today. We’re not going back to the days of WWII. Perhaps a history lesson should be given to the West Point graduate. The United States issued an official apology to each and every Japanese-American that it wronged, and even paid out over $1 billion in an attempt to provide some compensation for the harm done.

Senator Spark M. Matsunaga, a Japanese-American from Hawaii, recounted a very emotional story on the floor of the Senate before reparations were finally voted on back in 1988. He told the story of an elderly man who crossed a fence to retrieve a ball for his grandchild, and American soldiers machine-gunned him to death. Is this the kind of America General Clark and Franklin Graham are calling for?

Not everyone is allowing themselves to be blinded by the war on terror or letting their unjustified suspicions get the best of them. General Casey, and former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, perhaps said it best:

“Our diversity, not only in our Army but in our country, is a strength. And, as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

General Casey needs to make a phone call to General Clark, and quick.

Featured image via NATO/Wikimedia Commons